These 5 workplace habits might speed up cognitive decline

As an entrepreneur, you may feel under immense pressure to achieve success quickly by being extremely productive. Yet some of the habits we think are helping to improve our productivity not only reduce our efficiency and performance, they may also cause our brains to age faster. While it's natural for brain function to decline as we get older, there are some workplace habits that may speed up cognitive decline. Here, Anisa Purbasari Horton shares how to keep your brain fit and healthy by avoidin...
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7 creative ways to learn a new language

Apart from giving your CV a boost and coming in handy for travel abroad, speaking a foreign language has numerous benefits for the brain’s cognitive functions. According to research, language learning can improve skills such as task switching, memory, perception and decision-making. It can even stave off dementia. And people who start to learn a foreign language as an adult can achieve the same level of fluency as young learners and still reap the same mental benefits. With this in mind, here ar...
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Science says silence is much more important to our brains than we think

Our modern society can often seem too busy, loud and cluttered and you may find yourself seeking silence to give your brain a rest. Studies indicate that silence can be even more beneficial for the brain than simply providing some relief from the noise and activity of daily life. Periods of silence not only give our brains space to process information, they also reduce stress, boost motivation and could improve cognitive functions such as memory and problem solving. [Read the full article on lif...
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Eating more chocolate might make you smarter, new study suggests

According to a recent study by Australian nutrition researcher Georgina Crichton and colleagues, eating chocolate appears to improve mental function. The research found that increased consumption of chocolate had a positive effect on various aspects of cognitive function, such as memory and abstract reasoning, and a follow-up study confirmed that it wasn’t simply that clever people ate more chocolate. [Read the full article on inc.com]

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