Returnships offer employers ways to find skilled diverse employees

As an experienced professional, it can be difficult to return to your career at the same level after a lengthy break. Since Goldman Sachs coined the term returnship for the 're-entry internship' concept they launched in 2008, more companies have been following suit. While returnships were developed to help individuals update their skills or develop new skills, and to ease their transition back into work after a career break, companies are discovering they can improve inclusion and diversity in t...
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5 better ways to talk about the 5 most common resume gaps

Gaps in your work history can make employers cautious about hiring you, yet they needn't be a stumbling block if you address them in a positive way. Most of us have taken time off work for one reason or another. And while you must be honest about a career break, it's how you explain it that matters. "With a little foresight, you can turn a potentially tricky interview situation into a masterclass in personal branding," says Sjoerd Gehring. Here, Gehring shares his top tips for using the gap...
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The 6 best job search lessons I learned after 10 years away

Finding suitable employment can be tough at the best of times and when you're returning to work after a lengthy career break the challenges can seem almost insurmountable. This is the situation strategic marketing executive Judy King found herself in, despite her early career success and an advanced degree in her field. Faced with the daunting prospect of competing with younger candidates and those with more recent experience and up-to-date skills, King realised she needed to make a strategic sh...
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