How your brain's executive function works


Can this four-minute brain hack turn you into an optimist?

While the human brain's negativity bias may be programmed into our DNA, how we respond to it is learned through experience, which means we can also learn to overcome it. While some people's actions are guided more by wanting to achieve a positive outcome, such as getting a good grade on an assignment, reaching a goal or mastering a skill—other people are motivated more by wanting to avoid the opposite, negative outcome of poor grades or failure. The former "approach motivation" is linked to posi...
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How stressed entrepreneurs can learn to rewire their brains for success

The entrepreneurship roller coaster, with its uncertainties and high risk of failure can be highly stressful. And while moderate levels of stress are a natural part of most jobs, overexposure to high levels of stress can lead to burnout. Rather than trying to manage the symptoms of stress, you can rewire your brain "to cope better with the nature of stress itself," says startup founder and CEO Chris Myers. "There is a tendency to treat stress as a problem in and of itself, rather than a symptom ...
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Want to have more creative breakthroughs? Redesign your day according to this step-by-step guide

In a new book, two former faculty members of Stanford's Start X incubator program, Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack, dispel the myth that creative breakthroughs are accidental or spontaneous. The “aha!” moment is actually the result of a very long, complex, unconscious process, says Fox Cabane. By understanding how this process works, and making some simple changes to your daily routine, you can prime your brain for more creative breakthroughs. [ Read the full article on ]

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