Commuting benefits companies need to offer in 2019

Americans' commutes are getting worse every year and employees are starting to weigh their options. With the high price and stress of long commutes, much of the workforce is willing to take pay-cuts just to avoid an added 20 minutes to their trip home from work. The focus on a healthier commute is leading to talented workers choosing jobs that allow them flexibility and reimbursements when it comes to their commute and employers need to take notice if they want to retain those high value workers...
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Want to try influencer marketing? Be careful

Social media influencers can be powerful brand advocates and tapping into the thousands, or even millions, of followers they have on various social media channels is a highly effective way to target an engaged audience. Although it's the fastest growing and one of the most successful marketing strategies, it also has its problems. In this article, Kate Harrison shares some top tips from influencer marketing expert Richard Wong to help you mitigate the risks, reap th...
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GDPR: What is GDPR and why is it good for business?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in a matter of days, yet figures show many company directors are still unaware of how it's going to impact their business. As "the biggest data protection shake-up in 20 years," the GDPR affects every company that collects or uses any EU citizen's personal data—even if it's just their name and email address—regardless of how big or small the company is or which country it's based in. While there are stiff penalties for non-compli...
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Mixed reality’s benefits — and costs — may surprise us

As technological advances continue to transform the world we live in, there are those who feel they may come at a hefty price. While artificial intelligence (AI) experts and ethicists argue over the risks posed by this technology—including the late Professor Stephen Hawking's dire warning that "the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race"—AI isn't the only threat posed by our digital future. Here, Mark Hardy explores the potential cost to society of a "m...
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