KPIs of an effective social media strategy

If you're already using social media, you may be wondering how well you're doing. There are different ways to analyze your activity, depending on the specific characteristics of your digital activity. And while there are many KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to explore, some may be more relevant to your strategy than others. To get you started, here are some basic KPIs for the main indicators:

Start with the basics: evaluate the general trend of your social networks by analyzing the growth of your followers. It is important to go beyond the current situation, so an ideal KPI would be based on the daily, weekly or monthly increase in the number of new followers.

To assess the impact of the content on your audience,  you need to find out if the followers attracted really appreciate your content. An impact KPI would be the number of likes by post in relation to the total number of followers.

To determine how much you influence your followers look for links of your content to their own audience. An influence KPI would analyze the number of times that a post has been linked, in relation to the number of followers of the follower who shared it.

With the above indicators in mind, the engagement rate also indicates how much the audience engages with the content. A way to measure the active participation of your followers would be to quantify the number of comments generated per post and the distribution of positives and negatives.

The conversion rate varies according to the company’s objectives for its social media strategy. In general terms, however, it’s based on the expected action by the customer, which can be anything from visiting your website to buying a product. Therefore, a conversion KPI would simply be the percentage of followers who have completed the desired action on a post.

Normally the data required for these KPIs is quite basic; it is easy to identify and add it manually to a spreadsheet so you can customize it according to the results you need. However, there are numerous network tools – some free and some paid for - that you may find helpful, such as Hootsuite, Klout, TwitterCounter,, SocialBro, Google Analytics, Social Mention, People Browser, Pagelever, TweetStats, Lithium, Twitonomy ... etc.

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