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How to seize sales

Caption: Seizing sales. Photo: Yayimages

Would you like more sales? If so, make sure you’re following these three steps!

Make the most of asking for referrals

Existing clients can be a great source of referrals, so make it easy for them by explaining what’s in it for the prospect. Ask your client to tell the prospect adding that you’ll be in touch. Don’t expect the prospect to contact you.

Use testimonials to sell

Any salesperson can extol the virtues of what they’re selling. But a testimonial from a client carries far more clout. This is because as a salesperson you have something to gain from saying how fantastic your product is, but an existing customer doesn’t. It’s impartial third-party endorsement and it’s powerful.

Get written or video testimonials from your customers and use them. Ask how they use your products and the results. Learn how your products impact their bottom line, their employees, or their productivity.

Stay out of the cold

Don’t waste your time on prospects that are never likely to bite. Sort the wheat from the chaff giving reasons why a prospect is hot or cold. If it’s gone cold decide whether you can turn it around, if not, move on, fast. Avoid wasting time on prospects with little potential by being clear about what you need to do to address the reasons why they won’t buy.

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