How to embed Instagram feed on website

What you should look for when embedding Instagram

It pays to think about embedding Instagram feeds on your website or linking them to other sites because this social media platform is very popular. Use this fact for your SEO and other campaigns, it can be very helpful to do it. It's worth knowing how to embed an Instagram profile on your own platform and how to do it right.

Obviously, the first question is how to do this. If you want to embed Instagram feeds into web pages and the like, you'll first need to find the right feeds. The same applies if you want to embed an Instagram profile, for example on your website domain. It makes sense to have all the necessary elements at hand before you start. 

How to embed an Instagram feed

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website is really just a simple process. Here we use social media feed aggregator tool Taggbox to embed Instagram Feed on website. 

1. You need to Login or create an account on Taggbox.

2. Click on Create Wall option.

3. Click on Add feed option and then select Instagram as a feed source.

4. Enter the required details and continue.

5. Now click on Display Button.

6. A popup will appear select Embed in Website option.

7. Now select the website building platform and click on get code.

8. You can customize the Instagram feed wall as per your requirement.

9. Paste the code where you want.

Done!! You have successfully embed Instagram feed on Website

Why embed Instagram feed on the website?

When we talk about why you should embed an Instagram feed on the site, the answer is not as simple as many may think. There is a common reason to want to improve the page traffic through Instagram HTML.

However, it could also be about disseminating information, highlighting an important fact or showing significant influence. In terms of the last part, you should definitely use influencers, if you think about embedding Instagram on the pages of your website.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash 

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