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Entertainment is a necessary aspect of tiring life today; however, time for outings are limited. This situation makes online games too much relevant. Poker is very famous since olden times, due to its capability to enhance problem-solving along with the fun aspect. The exponential growth in the number of smartphone users makes it a platform full of opportunities and challenges. Such advancements increase curiosity among players and assure a definite success for the businesses.

There are over 100 million poker players online, and to no one's surprise, a number of poker game development firms emerged to provide their unique services. However, the cost factor is often spoken under the table. Here, in this article, you will get an idea of the cost factor to develop your own Poker Game Software. But, before rushing to the theme of this article, let's discuss some of the factors that influence the overall cost.

The factors necessary to be considered in online poker game development:

  • Ease of installation:

Nobody likes a game with tricky installation procedures, so a game with easy installation procedure is favoured by the user.

  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices:

A game developed for a wide range of devices would be favoured over its counterparts.

  • Accessibility and ease of usage

Intra app accessibility and guidance would keep users engaged, and such applications would be favoured for a longer period of time.

  • Intra game Challenges and level upgradation:

There is no fun until the game poses challenges for players, so regular upgradation is a must.

  • Feasibility with multiple players:

Including friends in the favourite game is something players look for, so providing such features would attract more players.

  • Multilingual support:

For a wide range of users across demographics, it's favourable to have multilingual software.

  • Ease of in-app purchase allied with a secure gateway:

In-app purchases help the user to stay engaged with the challenges and generate revenue for the host. The lack of trust factor in the payment gateway would put a question mark on the credibility.

  • Availability of support:

The confusion of players needs to be addressed to keep them away from switching to other apps.

Factors that influence the costs of Online Poker Game Development

  • Choice of Mobile Operating System

Whether Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry, the platform is the prime factor in deciding the cost of Poker software development. Generally, high performing and secured OS cost more than their counterparts.

  • Pre-development expenses

This includes the cost of game design levels, plots, character development, etc.

  • Complexities involved in the development of a software.

This is completely up to the expertise of the developer and requirement of the host.

  • Post-Development expenses:

Even after developing a game, it needs to be managed for:

  1. Marketing: Making a game viral and challenging the players is a vital part of marketing. Investment in advertising and social media influencing is also included in the marketing expenses.
  2. Testing: Lagging and stoppage of levels while playing the game could be addressed and resolved in the testing phase. This helps to keep users engaged and ultimately, makes the game popular.

The Money Factor

Taking these aspects into considerations, developers have a wide catalogue about variations in the cost of Online Poker game development, which could be listed as follows:


This basic software for Poker would cost around $3K-$20K. If you are running out of the budget, you could opt for a simpler form of the game that would cost around $10K, and it could be upgraded afterwards.

Simple 2-Dimensional Poker game

The cost for such software for Poker would lie somewhere between $20k and $60K. Though it is also categorized as a small budget game, it offers a decent chance of earning revenue for the businesses.

Mid-level Games

Such games are a little more advanced and would cost around $60K-$120K. Here, you will find improved accessibility, visuals, and performance.

High-level Mobile Games

These are the most advanced level of online Poker game, and for developing such high-level Online poker software, you would have to spend around $120K to $300K. Such developments are done by very experienced professionals and hence include extremely high investments. These types of games also take a considerable amount of time to develop.

Wrapping it off

So, conclusively we could see the factors affecting the cost of online software development and what are the things an investor or host must keep in mind before getting the game developed. As this craze of online games and especially Poker isn't going to end any time sooner, investors could safely risk their money for better returns. Mobzway can help you in developing such games for your business growth. 

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