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Don't aim to be less


Aimlessness by definition means having no goal, purpose, or direction. Most of the time you will hear people tell you how there isn’t enough time in the day to do the list of things they “chose” to put on their To Do List. But rarely will you hear someone tell you with excitement the strategies they formulated to tackle their one big goal or why all the listed activities on their To Do List will help them become a master of their craft.

It all comes down to having clear vision with the understanding of which activities should be held as priorities. Todd Henry, author of Die Empty, said,“Priorities are difficult. When you choose one thing to focus on, you automatically choose not to focus on others. This is why some people fall into aimlessness: they don’t like the discomfort of having to say no to very good things that aren’t the MOST important things. They’d rather be mediocre at a lot of things than take a real swing at things they care about and risk failure.”

Below are some tips to help you get out of (or not fall into) the aimlessness hole. It is vital that you understand that whatever value you put on various daily activities shines a truthful light on your standards for living a productive, truthful, and radiant life.


Tip #1 – Start At The End (See the vision you want to make a reality and ask yourself, “what productive actions MUST I take to bring this into fruition.” Be honest with yourself.)

Tip #2 Busy Does Not Mean Productive (After you make your To Do List for the day, ask yourself what will happen once I finish that task. If it will not bring you closer to the overall vision, take it off the list. PERIOD!)

Tip #3Finish What You Started (there may be projects and issues that you must complete/solve – HANDLE IT! This may be what’s holding you back from appreciating and feeling great about making your vision a reality.)

Tip #4- Be a General and Fight Your Battles (Nothing comes easy for the things we yearn for. When things get tough, fight through the emotions. Don’t let your emotions, opinions from others, or the “green grass on the other side” deter you from completing the task that is at hand.)

Tip #5Describe Your Vision in Detail (What will you be wearing, who will be around you, what seasons will you experience, how will your energy be, what will you get rid of, what will you attract – Know your vision and make sure you are just as excited as the kid who walks into the candy store. It’s your vision. It’s a priority. And it should be the focused target that steers you away from aimlessness.)


Blog courtesy of RahfealGordon

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