Digital revenue growth: getting started tips

Customers today demand convenience, ease of access and personalized offerings from corporations such as GE, Otis Elevator, and many smaller companies. By offering digital services, software interfaces and ‘pay for use’ business models, many traditional companies are reaching new market segments, delighting their customers and creating new highly valuable revenue streams.

A recent study shows 82% of business leaders consider ‘digital initiatives’ top priority. However, many question – “Where to start?”.

From Next Step’s experience, the answer may lie with your customers. By collaborating with key accounts to jointly define new digital offering, companies build value and loyalty during the planning process.

Success in this customer-first approach to digitalization requires:

1. Clear segmentation of markets served today and in the future.

2. Deep understanding of future trends with each customer segment.

3. Openness to collaboration to design, build and pilot new offerings.

4. Facilitation of digital co-creation workshops and stakeholder engagement.

5. Commitment to change through initial pilot project success.

Next Step offers Digital Executive Programs, Digital Readiness Assessments and Future Co-creation workshops to maximize digital revenue and customer value for our clients.

Contact us for more information to start your journey to revenue and value growth.


Blog courtesy of Next Step

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