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In love with Ladera

​I travel a lot and I stay in many different hotels, but rarely do I come across one that shapes the odds in its favour in such a unique way as the Ladera in Santiago, Chile. A bug-bear of mine when staying in hotels is having to pay extra for wifi and drinking water. In this day and age surely all hotels should be offering complimentary wifi and drinking water to guests. I believe providing just these two things can be enough to make a hotel be more competitive. To shape the odds in its favour ...
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Empredil rocks Santiago de Chile

I'm writing this blog post from Santiago in Chile where I'm attending the Empredil conference with Rahfeal Gordon, who's giving a keynote speech on Friday to more than 600 people at Chile's most prestigious school Nido de Aguilas, which is an international school with about 1,500 pupils and a theatre that seats 750 where the two-day event will take place. I'm literally blown away by what I've seen so far. Founded three years ago in Mexico by then 15-year old Diego Garza, who is Rahfeal's mentee ...
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