A crash course in direct to consumer marketing

Many business people are familiar with the terms B2B and B2C, but are unfamiliar with D2C. Direct to consumer marketing (D2C) is a strategy in which companies markets and sells products or services directly to consumers, removing any and all intermediaries.

D2C marketing is popular among millennials, the generation driving economic change, which means that companies are adopting D2C practices to capture this demographic. Some characteristics of D2C companies that are attractive to millennials include convenience, low cost, and authenticity. Because 70% of millennials consider a company's values before purchasing from them, many direct to consumer brands prioritize customer satisfaction and social responsibility practices. This has led to the success of D2C companies like Casper.

Ultimately, D2C brands offer better end-to-end customer experiences. This is what all consumers—not just millennials—want and will pay for. Implementing direct to consumer marketing strategies could show tremendous growth for your company. For tips on putting direct to consumer marketing to work in your own business, check out the infographic from Fundera for lessons from top D2C brands.
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