The ubiquitous use of technology, from apps such as Uber, artificial intelligence by Facebook through robotics in all industries is driving change in the way company’s view and utilize ‘human resources’.

For all, digitalization brings change, which requires new perspectives, ways of working and employment structures.

In recent panel discussion between Next Step CEO Jennifer Vessels, Corporate Spring founder and previous Chief Culture Officer for Tandberg and Cisco, Annicken Day as well as Employment Attorney Gary Gansle discussed leadership challenges in the digital world.

Key points included:

  • Human drivers for digitalization and why it is good for the workplace
  • Approaches to gain engagement in definition and adoption of new ways of working across the organization
  • Techniques for managing in a digital world (virtual teams, agility, etc) using video, collaboration and face to face (not email communications).
  • The importance of building trust and respect for employees while working to achieve a vision.
  •  Start with people – fun, goals, rewarding accomplishment to lead to profit (not vice versa)
  • Work with teams that want to change, make them successful and others will want to join/follow.
  • Include employment law expert as you design organization to build in compliance.
  • Hire slowly – know people well and integrate through well-organized onboarding into the organization and culture.

Today’s digital global world provides companies and leaders with many new opportunities – which also come with challenges. While there isn’t a clear ‘playbook’ for success in this environment, there are best practices which can provide insight. With experience leading Adobe, ShoreTel, Live Nation, Avinor and many other global organizations through this with a process, Next Step can help.

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