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STO in your professional life

UpShaping the odds in one’s professional life requires commitment and passion and a willingness to be pushed outside one’s comfort zone, where real growth occurs.

In order to shape the odds in our favour we have to be ready to seize the right opportunities, take all feedback constructively and get over any setbacks quickly.

Knowing which opportunities are the right ones, being able to take feedback constructively and bouncing back from a knock are not always easy, but you can greatly enhance your chance of success by maintaining a positive mental attitude, for example.

Thoughts are powerful things and energy flows where intent goes, so you are much more likely to succeed if you believe you can and you are prepared to shape the odds in your favour.



People shape the odds in the favour in their professional lives in a
multitude of ways including continuous professional development, getting or being a mentor, networking and accepting invitations to speak at conferences.

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