The best funding resources for disabled entrepreneurs

 Here are a few potential resources to help ensure your disability is no longer and impediment to achieving your entrepreneurial goals. [Read full article on Entrepreneur]

Michelle Obama: It’s okay to not have it all

8 tips to eradicate employee burnout

You may not think your employees are feeling overworked, but the reality is that many staff members are at risk of burnout.That's the word from a Gallup poll conducted last year, which found that 23 percent of employees felt burned out at work either "always" or "very often," while another 44 percent described themselves as being burned out "sometimes." This leaves only about a quarter of full-time employees not at risk of burnout.If you're of the mindset that staff members are replaceable if th...
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10 crucial conversations to have with your parents as an entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David talks about 10 Conversations to Have with Parents.  

How to help your employees feel more engaged at work

Going through the hiring process for a new startup is not only time consuming but costly. You've put forth a lot of effort to create a top notch team, and you'd like to retain them into the future.To create employee loyalty, you want to help them feel engaged with your company. In this article, we look at how to help your employees feel more engaged at work.When they're more engaged, they're more productive and more committed to your startup.Model communicationOne way to create an engaged workfo...
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5 ways startups can encourage healthy habits for their staff

 Did you know that nearly 80% of adult Americans don't get the recommended amounts of exercise each week? This is a set up for many different types of problems.What's more, many people spend most of their day sitting in uncomfortable chairs in front of a computer. This can lead to back, wrist, neck, and hand pain.Ultimately, without a workplace wellness plan, your startup may end up with unhealthy and unhappy team members. But you can help. Let's look at five ways startups can encourage hea...
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12 habits that changed my life

Filmmaker, YouTuber and Podcaster, Matt D'Avella, spent a year doing 30-day experiments back to back. The idea wasn't to make all the habits stick all year long, but to try new things and push himself to do things he's never done before. This is what he learned. 

5 ways startups can help employees from all backgrounds feel welcome

As a new startup, you can set your company culture and employee morale right from the outset.You've worked hard to hire the right people for your business. This may mean you have people of all ages, races, genders, religions and political affiliations sharing a space.In addition, you want them to feel comfortable and happy so you can build a cohesive team. To do this, they must all be welcomed.Here are five ways startups can help employees from all backgrounds feel welcome. #1: Startup at t...
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How startups can develop a mentorship program for employees

As a new business, you've spent many hours creating job descriptions, plowing through resumes, interviewing candidates, onboarding them, and training them for their new positions.That's a lot of time and money invested, so you want to retain your new staff for the long haul. One way to help create employee loyalty is to provide them with a mentor.In this article, we look at how startups can develop a mentorship program for employees. Define your objectiveBefore you begin your mentorship pro...
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How to handle public humiliation on social media

 Dr. Caroline Leaf talks about How to Handle Public Humiliation on Social Media with Patrick Bet-David

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