Why you are big enough to outsource

As the owner of a startup, your time is at a premium. You know that everything takes a lot of time, and when you're rushing from one task to another, some things might fall through the cracks. This is where outsourcing comes in. While you spend quality time building your business, you let others do the support work. We run into many young startups who don't think they are large enough or established enough to outsource. In this article, we'll take a look at why you are big enough to outsource ev...
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How to turn a group of strangers into a team


31 tips for using gig economy to get ahead your competition

People working as a freelancer is not a new thing. Contractual workers have been around for a long time. They get paid for their output, not by the hours. They get payment for their work, but there's no benefit. This labor model isn't a modern concept, but it is slowly but surely taking over full-time jobs. This is called gig economy. The emergence of the term gig economy was a response to the burgeoning demand for more freelance workers than regular employees. So while working as a contractor f...
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Best 5 minutes to start your day

A world of people-centric cities

How startups can attract better talent by improving their job postings

Hiring new team members for your startup is a lot like marketing your company, but many businesses don't approach it this way. If you want to hire the absolute best candidates, you want to make sure your job posts are attracting the right job seekers by providing them extra information to help them decide whether or not to submit a resume. This involves using your marketing skills to craft your job postings. Here are a few ways startups can attract better talent by improving their job postings. ...
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How Apple built their competitive advantage

Lead generation tips for startups

Generating leads can be difficult for new and seasoned startups alike. This is where content marketing comes in. Let's take a look at a few lead generation tips for startups and how you can use your content to build trust with potential buyers. Content marketing According to one report, nearly 90% of marketers are using this tool in their marketing strategy. What exactly is content marketing? It's when you create and distribute content consistently that users find valuable, relevant, educational...
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Unlock self confidence

15 powerful habits to embrace

1. Read every single day. The diet you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body. 2. Take care of your wellbeing. Both your mental and physical health. 3. Plan your day the night before. 4. Focus on progress over perfection. 5. Stop comparing yourself to others all the time (I call this "comparisonitis") and focus more on being better than who you were yesterday. 6. Focus on possibilities over problems. 7. Surround yourself with extraordinarily inspiring people. 8. Reflect o...
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