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Digitalization allows entrepreneurs to disrupt traditional markets and deliver new services overnight. However, over 85% of new initiatives fail. Success for Amazon, GE, and global entrepreneurs starts with clarity of mission, market and customer needs plus the definition of the business model and market approach to creating value. For example, Amazon's mission to build a place where people can find anything they might want to buy was the foundation behind their start as online bookseller throug...
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Utilize the power of mastermind groups

The powerful stories that shaped Africa


Is your company making these accounting mistakes?

As the owner of a startup, you are probably trying to do a lot with a little, and that may mean you're doing your own accounting. While you may try to handle your accounting on your own, it's usually not the best idea, especially if you're working with investors and managing payroll. If you make a mistake in your accounting, you can end up with a huge mess on your hands. Therefore, we have compiled a list of common accounting mistakes your company may be making for you to review. If you find tha...
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Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's data problem

6 proven ways to get referrals without asking for them

One major consequence of the internet has been the proliferation of choice, in all arenas. Remember when you walked into clothing stores and picked out what was on the shelf? How quaint. Looking for a new kind of toothpaste? Here are 75! When it comes to material objects, figuring out what you need can usually be done through online reviews. For services, however, the currency is still the personal reference. Think about it: when you need a service, would you rather read 400 online reviews, then...
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Respect your competitors!

4 things founders & management teams need to consider before selling a company

​ Preparing for the sale of a company can be a long-term process and one that can zap the energy of even the most energetic CEO. We've put together a shortlist of four things founders/management teams need to consider before selling a company. #1: Keep moving forward As you enter the sales phase, you might be tempted to scale back your day-to-day operations. This isn't a good idea. You want to keep your business running as usual, just as if a sale isn't right around the corner. This guarantees y...
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3 ways to determine a cryptocurrency's merit

5 proven strategies to help you succeed leading a team of freelancers

With the internet rapidly taking over the way we do business, a lot is changing. Some people view the digitization of work as a bad thing, but really people will be the winners . One of the reasons for this is that it brings people together. Physical location no longer determines who can work for who. Employers can search out the best of the best and hire them for whatever tasks they need. Working with freelancers also saves you money. You only ever pay for the work that is actually completed. B...
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