Commuting benefits companies need to offer in 2019

Americans' commutes are getting worse every year and employees are starting to weigh their options. With the high price and stress of long commutes, much of the workforce is willing to take pay-cuts just to avoid an added 20 minutes to their trip home from work. The focus on a healthier commute is leading to talented workers choosing jobs that allow them flexibility and reimbursements when it comes to their commute and employers need to take notice if they want to retain those high value workers...
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Should you be using Facebook or Youtube ads?

These are the 4 reasons you suck at public speaking (and how to fix them)

Although public speaking doesn't come naturally to everyone, it doesn't have to be the nerve-wracking experience many people consider it to be. With practise you can learn to become a confident public speaker with an engaging presentation style. And the more speeches or presentations you deliver, the more opportunities you'll have to hone your public speaking skills. Whether it's a keynote speech at a conference, or a presentation at your next team meeting, Lisa Evans shares here some top t...
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Instagram Marketing Tips for 2019

How conscious investors can turn up the heat

Should you hire your friends?


5 employee benefits small companies can offer new employees

Your startup is in its early stages, or perhaps you've been in business for a while, and you're ready to hire employees. Have you thought about how you'll hire the best ones? The most beneficial thing for your startup and your employees is to offer a healthy benefits package. In this article, we look at five employee benefits small companies can offer new employees, but first let's look at why you should offer benefits at all.   The reasons you should offer benefits Yes, offering perks to y...
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How to manage stock options


Negative thoughts are your greatest enemies

Top HR mistakes made by startups and how to fix them

You know that to help your startup succeed, you have to have a competent, experienced, dedicated team. Unfortunately, though, many startups slip up when it comes to human resources, hiring, training, developing and retaining a great team. To help you avoid these all too common issues, we look at some top HR mistakes made by startups and how to fix them. Mistake #1: Not hiring a human resources person Whether you have a part-time, full-time or outsourced professional manage your HR, you need some...
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