Deliver customer value to build loyalty

Increasing global competition, ubiquitous access to a plethora of choices, personalized marketing and new consumer buying habits are making customer loyalty more critical and difficult for all organizations. The key to loyalty is delivering value to customers – in their eyes. Similar to Maslov theory of how people live in society the Elements of Value show how people make purchase decisions. It is not based on product but quality or price but recognizing and delivering an offering that addresses...
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To be SUCCESSFUL, you need to study FAILURES

How startups can use social media to recruit talent

Did you know that job seekers rank social media networks as the most useful resource for jobs when compared to job boards and ads, recruiting agencies, employee referrals, and recruiting events? This is worth noting because the recruiting process has changed for many companies over the last several years. Like many things, social media has solidified its place as somewhere your business needs to be. When you use social media to attract candidates, you are easily able to narrow your target market...
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Guy Kawasaki explains us his 10 20 30 Rule to make a successful presentation

Inspirational Interview with Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Recipes for success: how top chefs achieved their goals

​There are so many routes to success. And what's better than hearing the stories of successful folks who did it their way? In creative fields, such as cooking and entertaining, tapping into your own strengths and being true to yourself is essential, and these top chefs did just that.  This graphic from Kitchen Cabinet Kings shares the unique recipes for success from eight world renowned chefs. 

The 8 rules of money


Is your startup making these 6 tax mistakes?

Launching a new business is often filled with equal parts of excitement and trepidation. It can even be overwhelming at times. Because there are so many details involved, especially when it comes to startup taxes, you want to be extra careful. Sales tax and your compliance with federal and state income tax laws creates extra challenges for most startup owners, and you want to avoid mistakes at all costs. Below are six common tax mistakes startups make that you need to be aware of. #1: Tax deduct...
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Startup Tips: Introduction to Venture Capital

Venture capital is a way of financing a startup, especially when seed rounds and investments from angel investors run dry. In a nutshell, early stage businesses with high growth rates receive funding from established firms through a dynamic venture capital ecosystem. This ecosystem can be intimidating for many new entrepreneurs, so knowing where to start and best practices is key to navigating the VC ecosystem. What is Series A funding Series A funding is commonly known as the first step on the ...
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How to make tough decisions

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