Creating your post-coronavirus business plan

When the coronavirus emergency comes to an end, it will be up to every entrepreneur to ramp up their business in the new economy. Consider these steps as you prepare for the future.  

Working remotely during coronavirus

5 cyber security topics to cover with your employees to reduce risks

Did you know your employees are your weakest link when it comes to protecting your business from cyber risks?In fact, a Kapersky Lab report says more than 46% of cyber security incidents are caused by human error. Furthermore, business suffer staggering financial losses when trying to recover from cyber security problems. So, how can you protect your business? Let's look at five cyber security topics to cover with your employees to reduce risks to your company. Topic #1: Email safetyWhile e...
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Thinking like an entrepreneur in a time of crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all with a heap of uncertainty. Endless cancellations and postponements, from school classes, sports games and proms, to graduations and internships, have created a new world view where our hours, days and weeks look very little like they used to. What's more, it's difficult to plan anything when you don't know what tomorrow will bring. [Read full article on Wharton]

It's OK to feel overwhelmed. Here's what to do next

5 industries on the rise amid the coronavirus emergency

Many entrepreneurs have reported lagging sales and frustrations as the coronavirus has halted the economies of countries all over the world. But not all businesses are seeing sales fall. In fact, some businesses have said they've seen interest rise as the emergency has spread. Check out the following five businesses that are in this category.   Pediatric teletherapy Everyone is stressed during these times, but it's difficult to get the mental health resources necessary when social distancin...
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The cryptocurrency industry is hiring despite market volatility

5 things businesses must know about the families first coronavirus response act

Entrepreneurs often find it challenging to stay on top of the regulations that come down from the government, but that's been especially true since the coronavirus emergency began impacting the country. Businesses are facing new challenges every day, and so are American families, many of whom are struggling to pay bills amid changing working conditions. Federal, state and local governments have been fast-tracking new regs, and today we've got the lowdown on how one of them will affect your busin...
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15 books bill gates thinks everyone should read

How to prioritize using the urgent/important principle

Do you feel like you could prioritize more efficiently at your business? You're not alone -- and this problem is not a new one.During a speech in 1954, former President Dwight Eisenhower said, "I have two kinds of problems: the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent." A theory was created around that quote, now known as the Eisenhower Principle. It involves the use of a matrix to classify the four types of tasks on your list, as follows: U...
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