How to SET GOALS and Not Give Up

Eight social entrepreneurs who are changing the world

​'Social impact' has become one of the most popular buzzwords of the last couple of years. There has been an important change in consciousness and people are more willing to look beyond their personal gain and consider how they can make an impact with their business. There are many factors contributing this transformation, but millennials have been chosen as the main driving force behind this shift.In a World Economic Forum study, 5,000 millennials surveyed in 18 different countries indicated th...
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How reviews can be beneficial to your company and how to approach them

​Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation?This is what is known as social proof, and it's why reviews are beneficial to your company.Yet, if you're like most busy business owners, capturing reviews is the last thing on your mind.It's time to put reviews at the forefront of your marketing strategy.First, let's look at the benefits.People follow the crowdMost shoppers do some research before doing business with a company. They are looking around to ...
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Want to be great? Embrace embarrassment

8 lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Walt Disney

​Everybody knows who Walt Disney is. He disrupted the animation and entertainment industry in the 20th century and left behind an everlasting legacy that has shaped the childhoods of billions of people thanks to his impressive pool of movies, theme parks and merchandise. The Walt Disney Company was created in 1923, and today it's the world's second largest entertainment conglomerate, with more than $55 billion in revenue, and has built 14 (and counting) theme parks all over the world. Neverthele...
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Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for $1.8 million at Sotheby's auction

Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 crew brought a 30cmx22cm bag labeled "Lunar Sample Return" when they returned to earth 48 years ago. It disappeared, until a manager of a Kansas museum was convicted of its theft in 2014. The U.S. Marshals Service put it up for auction three times, drawing no bids, until Chicago-area attorney Nancy Lee Carlson decided to Shape her Odds by offering $995 the next year.It turned out to be a great investment!She sent it to NASA for&...
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5 reasons why your startup should be blogging

Many startups know they need to blog, but either a lack of time, writing skill, or dedication to the effort keeps them from blogging.Other startups don't see any immediate return on investment from blogging so they put it on the back burner, often forgetting it entirely.Blogging is a long-term investment – one that pays dividends down the road. If you blog often enough, consistently and about the right things, you will see returns in the long-term.If you have ever thought about blogging but eith...
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Five female leaders on their biggest hopes

Women get more questions on risk from startup vcs than men do--and far less money

A major factor contributing to the "enormous gender gap" in venture capital funding is the way questions are framed when competing startups face VC scrutiny. A recent study reveals that male competitors are asked more questions about potential for growth, while female competitors face questions about potential risks and losses, and this impacts how much funding female entrepreneurs receive. Despite the gender bias shown by the positive or negative framing of questions, the study also highlights ...
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Trust = Success = #businessworthy

On 16 May 2017 the Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony took place in the Norwegian capital. The Business for Peace Foundation was established with a vision that the purpose of all business leaders is to improve society, i.e. be #businessworthy, which means they must ethically and responsibly create economic value whilst creating value for society. The Oslo Business for Peace Award aims to be the highest form of recognition given by society to individual business leaders for outstanding #busin...
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