Six types of leadership that every CEO should master

​There isn't a single way of being a great leader, everything depends on your own personal style and the situation you're in, but there's something we can say for sure: leader and manager are completely different terms, even though a lot of people use them interchangeably. Many managers believe leadership is a personality trait, something you were born with, but great leaders don't actually have a series of unmovable specific habits – effective leadership is all about judging the specific situat...
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Health tips for the busy entrepreneur

How the demise of a PR giant brought the industry into disrepute

​I've been working in PR for the past 20 years and I'm amazed that for a profession whose primary task is to manage, enhance and protect reputations, the PR industry has never quite managed to do this for its own reputation, with practitioners labelled as spin-doctors and likened to lawyers who'll take on any case that pays.PR differs from Law in several ways, though. The law profession is heavily regulated and you have to have at least a degree in Law to become a lawyer, whereas the PR industry...
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Things to consider when designing or redesigning a logo for your brand

​Whether you're creating a logo for the first time or redesigning an existing logo, there are some necessary steps to take.Your logo has a huge impact on your business – it literally defines you and tells your audience who you are.While some companies get it right the first time, others struggle through redesign after redesign.Let's take a look at things to consider when designing or redesigning a logo for your brand.First, let's take a look at some of the things to consider when designing a log...
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The 6 all-time best movies about entrepreneurs


The GDPR – a Great Dirty Pain in the Rectum - or an opportunity?

​On 25 May 2018 the GDPR comes into force in Europe – the world's largest, single digital market – and any company handling the data of data subjects who live in any of the 28 EU Member States must be GDPR compliant, or risk facing hefty penalties of 4% of total global turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater.The GDPR outlines the responsibilities of Data Controllers (organisations that process personal data) and Data Processors (companies that provide data hosting services) as well as the ...
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5 Ideas for a Productive Startup Office Space

​Getting your first startup office is an exciting time – especially because your options are truly limitless. This is your chance to create the work environment you've always dreamed of in a space that is designed for your ideas and your dream company culture to spring to life. It can be somewhat overwhelming, but part of the beauty of the process is all of its possibilities.1. Rent Something That Isn't an Office Anywhere you work is an office. Even if it's an old food truck or an abandoned cook...
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How companies can encourage a work-life balance for their employees

More than 60% of the Millennial workforce strives for a work-life balance, and that has trickled down to the rest of the workforce.Yet, only 5% of employees consider themselves thriving with their work-life balance.Why should you care about this work-life balance? Because, employees with a healthy work-life balance are more productive, happier employees.To help you create a more positive culture and a more satisfying workplace, let's look at how companies can encourage a work-life balance for th...
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Success is scarier than failure

Tips for engaging in influencer marketing

​As entrepreneurs, at some point we have to delve into the world of marketing to help shape the odds in our favour, because it's all very well having a brilliant product or service, but if no one knows about it we won't get anywhere.The field of marketing and marketing communications is vast, and thanks to rapid technological developments, it's constantly progressing, changing and evolving and keeping abreast of marketing trends is a job in itself.One aspect of marketing that technology has had ...
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