How To Become A Better Networker

While networking isn't everyone's idea of fun, in this day and age it's a necessary skill if you're wanting to build contacts and advance in your field. There is great value in improving and honing your networking skills and you have the opportunity to do this every time you meet or are introduced to somebody. Becoming a better networker is one way to find more success in your life and here are some ways to do it.Network With Your Current ContactsNetworking isn't always about forming new relatio...
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Common cyberattacks explained

Why influencer marketing can be just what your startup needs

According to Marketing Schools, influencer marketing is when you market your products and services to people who have sway or influence over the things other people buy.With influencer marketing, the focus is placed on influential people instead of the target market. When you employ this strategy, it's your goal to identify the people who have influence over buyers and then organize your marketing strategy around them.So, does this mean that influencers are only famous people? No, not necessaril...
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Team Norway shapes the odds in its favour and sweeps the board at the Winter Olympics

Today's men's 15 kilometres + 15km skiathlon event had everything a spectator could ask for.  Despite an early fall, the Norwegian team managed to make it a Norwegian 1-2-3 in the end. There are many lessons learned from this event that can be used by entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises. This competition proved that you can be great at what you do. Simen Hegstad Krueger (NOR) already broke a pole in the start, and Andrey Larkov (RUS) also must have had an issue, way...
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What makes something go viral?


What digital can’t do: be human

Today's digital world gives access to a broad range of services and products all through a simple command to a smartphone, watch or appliance. In addition, for businesses, digital technologies also streamline operations, increase the productivity of global resources and increase profitability.The downside of digital transformation is often employment uncertainty. Studies by Forrester, MIT and others show that 20-35% of today's jobs will be eliminated by automation and technological innovation wi...
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The 21 most important questions of your life

The start of a new year traditionally signals a time for reviewing where you are in life and working out where you want to be and how to get there. Yet many people struggle to find the answers they need to help them move forward. Feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of your life, yet unable to identify what needs to change, means you're not asking yourself the right questions. "The right question at the right time can spark the right answer that changes your life," writes Darius Foroux. Here, h...
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The 2 most important words in MK financial services


How to craft an elevator speech for investors

Whether you're in a meeting, or you meet a potential investor at a dinner party, you'll be better off if you have a prepared elevator speech for your startup. This helps you say what you really need to say without having to think about it or even worse, leaving something out.Let's look at how to craft an elevator speech for investors.What is an Elevator Speech? Sometimes called an elevator pitch, this speech is a short overview of your business, products, and services. You may use it in business...
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How Brexit could make food prices skyrocket


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