Making time for personal development

The life of most entrepreneurs is a busy one and many focus the bulk of their attention on business matters like networking, planning, finding investors and clients, marketing and finance. There’s always something to do, and when you’re so busy it’s easy to lose sight of your own personal development as you become wrapped up in your exciting project or startup.   Big mistake though. It’s a bit like companies who when faced with tightening budgets cut back on marketing and communications. Yo...
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Keeping employees happy on a shoe string

Most startups don’t have tons of money to splash about and what is available is speont carefully, meaning there are usually no ‘perks’ for the team. According to experts, it’s possible for teams to thrive without a constant dangling perks carrot. Ron Friedman in the  Harvard Business Review  claims satisfying employees’ emotional needs and developing working conditions that help people produce their best work is more important than big carrots. Here are top tips as reported by entrepre...
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Could ‘Circling’ be the next ‘big thing’ in personal development? ShapingTheOdds in one’s personal life can take many forms and the correlation between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is indisputable. Taking care of the physical self is obvious to most – healthy lifestyle combining good nutrition and exercise – but what about our mental and emotional health? John Thompson, Circling Europe According to John Thompson, one of the directors of Circling Europe, circling is a very effective m...
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