There’s a real buzz about the HIVE Global Leaders Program

Last month I took part in #HIVE10 – the tenth edition of the HIVE Global Leaders Program – in San Francisco, with 104 other participants from a total of 47 countries and a team of about 30 HIVE staff, including many volunteers, and it was awesome! I could go on about it for a very long time, but I promise not to, so this won't take you long to read. I was extremely fortunate to already be in San Francisco when I was accepted by HIVE to participate in one of their programs, which to me seemed to ...
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A Culture of Accountability

I was recently invited to contribute a video for a webinar that was led by Vistage (UK) titled: Accountability – The glue that ties commitment to results.  When it comes to creating a culture of accountability, either for a peer advisory/mastermind group or for a team inside any organization, the five factors outlined in The Power of Peers: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth & Success provide a fitting framework.  Here’s the video I submitted, which served as my sma...
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A simple activity to leverage your subconscious & create laser-like focus

Sometimes we don’t know how we’re going to get to where we want to be. Sometimes we don’t know whether what we really want will actually materialise. Sometimes we simply wonder whether the right opportunities and people will present themselves. Uncertainty, however, is a part of life. It is why new experiences and achievement beyond expectation, contribute to a richer life; a life filled with incredible stories for you to share and where you can live as the best version of yourself. When you let...
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Tips to be an entrepreneur

​ I am an life and business coach from Finland. I have wrote an ebook of becoming an entrepreneur and I am training about 200 starting entrepreneurs per year. I have also build a successtraining concept based on four key elements of success: Planning-people-processes-product I love my life and business and all I am doing. Here you can find a part of my book translated in english (unfortunately ebook is in Finnish). ​ Tip No. 1 The company = you. Your thoughts are always in entrepreneurship and b...
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Jonathan and Cultural Legacy

Meet Jonathan the Husky , the mascot for the University of Connecticut .  He’s an enduring and evolving symbol, named in honor of the last colonel and the first governor of the “Constitution State.”  There’s a costumed version and an actual canine.  I’ll leave it to you to guess which one is standing with me in this photo taken at last night’s game – an exhibition between the 2016-2017 edition of the UCONN women’s basketball team and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) . My i...
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Why it’s important to be aware of your i/o ratio

What is an I/O ratio I hear you ask? Simply put, it’s the ratio of how much time you spend inside versus the outside. And for many of us living in the fast-paced nature of modern cities, this ratio tends to be skewed far too heavily to the inside. In fact, recent statistics seem to indicate that the average city dweller in western countries, will spend over 70% of their week inside, with the percentage considerably higher amongst children. What I found particularly fascinating, was this Harvard ...
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Hooked on simplicity

Growing up, my parents successfully got both my brother and I into the habit of helping out with the housework every week, decluttering our rooms every quarter, and giving away things we didn’t need anymore to charity at the end of each calendar year. At the time, I didn’t really see the point of all of this and preferred to spend my time doing something more rewarding, which primarily comprised of progressing to the next levels of the video games we owned and plonking ourselves in front of the ...
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What will your life be a collection of?

One of the best things I love about meeting people are the stories they have to tell and the fact that there is always a lesson to learn from their experiences. Whether that’s getting an insider tip from the taxi driver picking me up from a foreign airport on the best place to experience some local cuisine or hearing the inspiring journey of how someone built a small side project into a money-making passive income stream! The content of what many people tend to share with others however, often r...
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When ‘thank you’ means so much

I remember years ago consciously starting to practise gratitude as part of my spiritual practise. Every morning and night – and then continuously throughout the day – I’d silently give thanks for things. My thank you list included all manner of things such as a safe home, the ability to buy food, a beautiful sunset, good health, etc, and I noticed three things: first, the more I gave thanks the more I found to be grateful for; second, I was feeling happier in myself, although nothing drastic had...
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What you learn by pushing your physical limits

I’ve a small confession to make. Running machines and I have never been the best of friends! In fact, I used to hate going on treadmills so much that even when they were free to use, I would wait to get on an alternative machine (say the rowing or cycle machines) to complete the cardio part of my workout. With that in mind, you can probably imagine how I felt when I first decided to sign myself up for a workout class at Barry’s Bootcamp. If you’ve never been to one of these classes before, half ...
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