Kygo shapes his audience from zero to 750m in two years at the Rio Olympics

How would you like to grow your audience from zero to 750 million in just two years, fly in a private jet from a gig in your home town where you debut your biggest partnership to date and then perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympics? That’s exactly what 24-year-old Norwegian artist Kygo has done since launching his first single in 2014. Next stop - Rio 2016! Follow my journey now at @olympicchannel A picture published by Kygo (@kygomusic) Saturday 20. Aug. 2016 PDT Not everyone will achi...
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We now have a new blog system

Share your thoughts with the following features: ​ Blog now, post later You can compose a blog now, suffer temporal writer's block, save and write again, later. ​ Social media sharing In addition to sharing your blog post with the Shaping the Odds community, you can automatically post into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account whenever you create new entries. ​ Browse media Embedding images and videos is fast and easy. ​ Comment system ​Comment on anything on Shaping the Odd...
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Learn a language!

How many languages do you speak? Fluently? How many doors have opened for you as a result of speaking other languages? And if you’re a monolinguist, how do you feel this enhances or hinders the opportunities presented to you? Perhaps you’d like to learn a language but are put off by the effort required and making mistakes.Or maybe you made an effort at school but have let your language skills slide. When was the last time you were at a conference in your country and the speaker wasn’t a native b...
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#ShapingtheOdds is all about finishing with just one shoe

Ethiopia's Etenesh Diro lost her shoe but finished the steeplechase prelim in Rio yesterday. Etenesh Diro Neda (25) is an Ethiopian athlete. Four years ago she competed in the 3,000 metre steeplechase at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where she was placed sixth in the final with a time of 9:19.89, a personal best so far. Since then, Etenesh Diro has been #ShapingtheOdds  to be ready for yesterday's race of the same distance in Rio. For a runner, #ShapingtheOdds is all about running, ru...
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A detox that boosts your wellbeing and unleashes your creativity

Do you find yourself checking email, news feeds or your social media channels first thing in the morning and last thing before you fall asleep? Do you find yourself constantly interacting with mobile devices when you’re away from the home and office, and then asking yourself where the last hour went? Do you find yourself unable to get the most important tasks for the day completed because of [insert here: messages, Facebook posts, Twitter updates, etc] you had to check? If so, then you might be ...
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The most productive activity you could do

It’s the end of the 19th Century and a middle-aged man has a daily obsession that intrigues local residents. Each day, he strolls to the end of the pier to set up his fishing rod. And after exactly one hour, he calls it a day. What makes onlookers puzzled is the fact that he has yet to catch a single fish. Surely he must be the worst fisherman they have ever seen? So one day, a local resident decides to disturb him to find out. Smiling, the fisherman informs the young man that he never caught an...
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Writing to boost your personal and professional lives

As part of our development, we learn to read and write. Then, as we thirst for knowledge we read more and we learn more, helping to shape the odds in our favour, professionally and personally. When we’ve acquired the knowledge and converted it into wisdom we might start to write articles and blogs – and perhaps even keep a journal, which has been proven to help many individuals understand themselves more deeply and help them make better, informed decisions – and then we may possibly become a pub...
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The one thing holding you back

An underlying theme in some of the recent posts I’ve written, is that  the only thing holding you back from doing something truly amazing, is you. And what I mean specifically, is your ego . Ego has the power to influence our decisions with misguided thoughts of security, getting us to spend our time and energy on what we can have rather than on who we can be. It is obsessed with presenting itself in ways that gain the compliments and good opinion of others. This, along with its ability to ...
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What grabs VCs attention for investment?

  After receiving initial seed or friends and family funding to build your offering and gain initial customers, you are ready to attract your next round of venture investment.  US investors, which account for nearly 70% of the total global venture capital, may be very attractive to you. However, they receive thousands of business cases and hear hundreds of pitches each week. If you have the opportunity to pitch to or meet a VC in the US, it is critical that your presentation demonstrat...
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Think like a designer, act like a visionary

  From growing up as a boy who would sketch endlessly in his exercise books to a young adult visualising where all the furniture would go in his first property while traveling into town on the underground, I’ve always been interested and fascinated by the world of design. I’m that sort of guy that raves about MUJI products, carefully considers the composition of an image before taking a photo, and appreciates the amount of thought that went into making the universally popular Changi Airport...
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