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How to celebrate admin professionals during a pandemic

Over the last few weeks, most companies have been going completely virtual, taking away the ability to see coworkers at the office. Daily morning meetings, lunch breaks, and coffee chats aren't the norm anymore (or at least, not in the same way). Because of this, it's important to find other ways to express gratitude to fellow colleagues. Admin Professionals Day is coming up on April 22nd, and it's the perfect time to celebrate the secretary or office admin in your life with words of appreciatio...
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What you need to know about taxes for remote workers

As a startup, you probably know the benefits of hiring the best employees, and sometimes this means hiring across state lines and even international boundaries.Hiring remote workers is win-win for both of you – the employee can continue to work in their hometown, and you get the most qualified team members.But employing remote workers does come with its own special needs. In this article we look at what you need to know about taxes for remote workers. Guidelines for remote workers outside y...
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Influencer marketing during the coronavirus outbreak

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Job hunting in the time of coronavirus

One of America's leading providers of online career resources has reported that since COVID-19 first began affecting the US in early March, its web traffic has fallen by 53%, indicating that people aren't seeking jobs at the same rate. This fact may seem somewhat unexpected, but it makes sense — those who are still working want to hold onto their current jobs and weather out the turmoil in the economy. Meanwhile, those who've lost their jobs or had their hours cut are busy filing for unemploymen...
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How entrepreneurs can win during a recession

The COVID-19 pandemic ended a record 11-year bull run of the U.S. stock market. This, coupled with an oil price crash instigated by Saudi Arabia and Russia, has all the signs of an imminent global recession. Depending on who you trust with your forecasts, most experts are predicting a global contraction that can last anywhere between 6 months up to 2 years.[Read full article on Entrepreneur] 

What coronavirus means for the global economy

Creating your post-coronavirus business plan

When the coronavirus emergency comes to an end, it will be up to every entrepreneur to ramp up their business in the new economy. Consider these steps as you prepare for the future.  

Working remotely during coronavirus

5 cyber security topics to cover with your employees to reduce risks

Did you know your employees are your weakest link when it comes to protecting your business from cyber risks?In fact, a Kapersky Lab report says more than 46% of cyber security incidents are caused by human error. Furthermore, business suffer staggering financial losses when trying to recover from cyber security problems. So, how can you protect your business? Let's look at five cyber security topics to cover with your employees to reduce risks to your company. Topic #1: Email safetyWhile e...
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