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What startups should know about crafting a privacy policy

Have you asked yourself lately if you really need a privacy policy on your website? As a startup, you should note that in our digital age, you do need a privacy policy on your website. It can be confusing, and sometimes the privacy policy is easily forgotten, but if you want to protect your business, it is something you need. And, if you plan to use Google or Facebook advertising, you must have one on your startup's website. In this article, we look at what startups should know about crafting a ...

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Andrew Frame launched Citizen in 2017, merging 911-dispatch data and your smartphone's GPS location to alert you about nearby dangers—fires, robberies, car crashes, assaults. Now he's betting Citizen's mobile technology, location capabilities and network of millions of users can warn you about possible Covid-19 exposure. "We're all at war. Right now, the only weapon we have is staying home," says Frame, 40, in an interview over Zoom. "The question is, are there better ones we can use in this war...

Working from home comes with its fair share of distractions and can be difficult to adjust to. With the current pandemic forcing millions of people to stay home, it may be even more difficult to look after your family while trying to manage your workload. However, a successful work-life integration is possible with a few tips. [Read full article on Forbes] 

When it comes to the "best age" to launch a startup, age really is just a number, as evidenced by how old these famous founders were when they started their businesses.

Entertainment is a necessary aspect of tiring life today; however, time for outings are limited. This situation makes online games too much relevant. Poker is very famous since olden times, due to its capability to enhance problem-solving along with the fun aspect. The exponential growth in the number of smartphone users makes it a platform full of opportunities and challenges. Such advancements increase curiosity among players and assure a definite success for the businesses. There are over 100...

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. When you email your audience, you have direct access to the inner sanctum of their email inbox. This is a special place reserved for businesses like yours. In fact, you were invited in when your customer(s) opted into your list. Yet, even with the invitation, you've got to make sure you know about the laws surrounding email marketing. In this article, we look at email marketing laws and regulations startups should be aw...

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