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What stands between where you are and where you want to be

If you've worked with me or heard me speak at an event, you'll know how much I love and are inspired by…

… people who take action,

… people who show commitment to becoming the best version of themselves,

… and people who are consistent in the way they apply themselves and in the way they are willing to explore the unknown.

The latter very much represents the fact that nearly everything meaningful in life is a marathon.

We can let complacency, indecision and inaction steal years of our life from us, or, though patience and extraordinary focus, we can benefit from the phenomenal impact of the compound effect in action.

One of my private one-to-one clients for example has really began to experience this in the last couple of months.

When she first started working with me last year, she was unsure as to what was stopping her from taking the action required in pursuing the things she was more passionate about than what she was doing in her day job as a sales consultant.

She had been toying with a couple of ideas for a long time and while she had made some moves to make them happen, things weren't really happening in the way she wanted.

She wanted some guidance and someone who could help her see what was truly possible for her.

Fast forward to the last couple of months and she has now had multiple clients who have paid for her work as a photographer, praised the quality of what she has produced and referred her on to more opportunities!

What I want to share with you in this email is something I've observed a lot, not just with the client I briefly discussed above, but with the majority of society in general.

And that is the #1 obstacle that appears to get between people and their dreams.

You may say it's…

… a lack of knowledge.

… a lack of time.

… fear and doubt.

They're all great responses and what many may say.

However, I feel the #1 thing standing in the way is something comfortable or good that we settle for.

So the question to ask yourself here is are you too comfortable to reach out for greatness, for happiness, and to live the unlived life within you, where you're able to express your unique talents?

Many of us are surrounded by so much comfort that we don't want to rock the boat and make bold steps to improve our personal lives and/or business.

Even if that means taking a step or so backwards, which could be just what's required.

Because when you're too comfortable, you stop learning and growing as a person.

Tomorrow becomes next week.

Next week becomes next month.

Next month turns into next year.

And so on, until the life you imagined you could live becomes a distant memory.

How many times have you said to yourself that, "I really need to do something about this now before it's too late?"

So this is the message I want to leave you with today…

Every next level of your life will demand a different you. You can choose to play it safe like the majority, or, you can be bold and committed at being world-class at something.

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