What is a subliminal message and how do companies use them in advertising?

Various shapes, words, or colors can make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning. Brands like Amazon or FedEx have mastered this even in just their logo.

Subliminal messages are one way to create this meaningful and lasting association for customers. Subliminal messages can be used through many mediums – whether it's a TV commercial, print ad, or email campaign.

It taps into a customer's subconscious mind and creates repeated exposure to form a brand meaning. From double meanings or hidden Easter eggs, subliminal messages are clever and impact customers, without them even realizing that it's happening.

This is why brands like Campbell's Soup or Hallmark represent family, warmth, and love – through these intended meanings. Customer perception not only affects bigger businesses, but small ones too. It's influences how potential customers think about your brand, then decide to make a purchase.

Consider how you want your brand to come across – funny, reliable or daring? It can be difficult as a small business to come up with new or engaging ways to delight your customers.

Valpak explores how a subliminal message taps into your subconscious mind in the infographic below. It covers the first subliminal ad, company examples and actionable tips for how your small business can apply this tactic. Keep your customers on their toes and wondering what your biz is going to do next. 

Infographic courtesy of Valpak

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