Job hunting in the time of coronavirus

One of America's leading providers of online career resources has reported that since COVID-19 first began affecting the US in early March, its web traffic has fallen by 53%, indicating that people aren't seeking jobs at the same rate.

This fact may seem somewhat unexpected, but it makes sense — those who are still working want to hold onto their current jobs and weather out the turmoil in the economy.

Meanwhile, those who've lost their jobs or had their hours cut are busy filing for unemployment, looking after their relatives and friends, and making sure they have enough supplies to stay comfortable.

Despite all this uncertainty, people looking for work should remain optimistic about finding a job again soon.

A recently published employment report highlights sectors of the economy that currently have thousands of available jobs as of April 2020 — some of which were specifically created to support citizens affected by the coronavirus.

The report also offers guidance about finding work for job seekers who prefer to embrace social distancing and want stay-at-home employment. Such opportunities include freelance work and other remote positions that can be done on a full or part-time basis.

It concludes with a list of free resources for resume writing and cover letter creation, so job seekers can quickly create an application and begin applying for work immediately. Learn more by reading this comprehensive coronavirus employment report for yourself, so you can better navigate the current state of the economy on your own and find work if you need it. 

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