Intuitive intelligence and entrepreneurship

"It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover." 

Henri Poincare

 As an entrepreneur, who do you trust? If the answer is not that you trust yourself first and foremost, then you could be missing a key ingredient of successful entrepreneurship, that of your intuition. Yes, it's important to trust others too, but if you can't trust yourself, how can you trust anyone else?

Sadly, our society has not valued intuition enough, instead favouring logic and reasoning. As a result, many of us are not in touch with our intuition, which is the best tool her have at our disposal.

On the bright side, today, more businesses are valuing leaders and employees with heightened intuition, so it's time to learn to develop and trust our intuition.

According to Oxford Leadership, some of the best leaders, managers and strategists they work with use their intuition first, before looking to back it up with facts, using the intuitive approach as the starting point and measurement comes afterwards. 

Finding a balance between intuition and logic

Intuitive choices and decisions are made naturally, easily and swiftly. They can be just as right as analytical ones. The key is to find a balance between intuition and logic.

If you can trust your intuition you'll be able to navigate the waters of life and business with a sense of clarity that gives confidence. You'll find it easy to make the best decisions and choices. You'll read people and situations easily. You'll know all you need to know for you, and in some cases, for other people too. You'll boost your imagination and creativity. You'll enjoy healthier relationships. 

How to develop your intuition

 Intuition is the ability to just know and understand something or someone instinctively, without having to think consciously. Your intuition is your sixth sense and your best asset. Think of it as your direct line to the divine power of all creation. All of the answers lie within you, and a developed intuition taps into that source easily and naturally.

To develop your intuition, do a little something every day. It's like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

1. Start by meditating regularly.
2. Try guided meditations.
3. Make developing your intuition fun and varied.
4. Play games such as guessing who's calling you when your phone rings.
5. Take a coin and toss it and guess which side is face up.
6. Guess how the film you're watching is going to end.
7. Tarot Cards and Oracle cards are great tools for developing the intuition.
8. Keep a record of your intuitive thoughts, feelings and insights and record the results. This will help you to discern between wishful or fearful thinking, and true intuition.
9. Find a teacher skilled in working with techniques and practices to strengthen your intuition. 

By Karen Floyd of OracleDreams

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