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In love with Ladera

The Ladera rooftop swimming pool

I travel a lot and I stay in many different hotels, but rarely do I come across one that shapes the odds in its favour in such a unique way as the Ladera in Santiago, Chile.

A bug-bear of mine when staying in hotels is having to pay extra for wifi and drinking water. In this day and age surely all hotels should be offering complimentary wifi and drinking water to guests. I believe providing just these two things can be enough to make a hotel be more competitive.

To shape the odds in its favour the Ladera goes much further than offering complimentary wifi and drinking water. The stunning boutique hotel also distinguishes itself by its outstanding customer service and extraordinary attention to detail.

Guests are welcomed with a handwritten note in their rooms and informed that the mini bar, which provides soft drinks, and the Nespresso machine are also complimentary and replaced daily. Big tick.

Going even further than that, Ladera offers a very complete complimentary breakfast available until 12 noon at weekends, and complimentary snacks from 7-11pm every day comprising of soup, sandwiches and cakes. Huge tick.

There's literally no need to eat out if you don't want to. And with wine at just a few dollars per glass, after a busy day of business or sightseeing, these extra touches are most welcome and really make the Ladera stand out from any other hotel I've stayed in.

The design and finish of the hotel are also of a very high standard with the best, tasteful furnishings. There's a stunning rooftop swimming pool where you can actually swim proper lengths, plus a sunbathing area and seating area and spectacular views across the city.

Unusually for a boutique hotel there's a lovely spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, relaxation area, treatment room for massage and a room offering a hydrotherapy treatment.

The Ladera could offer all of the above and more, but without an amazing team running the place all the extras would be in vain. The Ladera team really does make all the difference to the experience of staying there. Many are multilingual and the great rapport between team members is clear to see and this rapport rubs off on the guests. The staff really go the extra mile to make guests feel welcome and at home.

It was no surprise to me that the Ladera has a Booking.com rating of 9.8. It's one of the highest I've come across. The independently owned boutique hotel opened in July 2016 and is quickly becoming the place to stay in Santiago.

To shape the odds in their favour in such a competitive market, other hotels should take a leaf out of Ladera's book. The extras and superb team go a very long way in enhancing the guest experience and ensuring Ladera's Booking.com rating is so high. I certainly wouldn't want to stay anywhere else in Santiago. Hats off and big thanks to Ladera and thanks for an amazing stay!

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