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How questions create opportunities

Take time to ask the right questions

The other day as I received an email invitation to take a quiz about entrepreneurship, and I accepted. The results claim I'm a 'highly sensitive entrepreneur'. By 'sensitive' they mean having an awareness of energy and being intuitive. We all have an awareness of energy and an intuition, it's just that some of us are more acutely aware and intuitive than others, either naturally so, or because we've worked to be more conscious of energy and develop our intuition, or both.

As part of the process the author suggested working through five questions to gain clarity and overcome any barriers to success. These questions can be applied to any situation of life, personal and professional. They can also be applied for working through self-limiting beliefs, which I wrote about in my last blog.

The order of the questions is important. The first two help to clear the clutter from the mind concerning a given situation and the last three help bring the clarity, which propels us into right action.

So, today, I decided to go through the questions taking a generic company as the case study and giving, simple example responses. I haven't gone very deep, but there's no limit to have detailed you can be. I think the answers I've put would be true for many entrepreneurs. What you think? Try applying them to your business or another life situation and see if anything new is revealed to you bringing you greater clarity.

  1. What don't I want?
    • Lack of clients
    • Haggle over fees
    • Unpaid invoices
    • Cash flow problems
    • Unhappy team
    • Lack of new products/services
    • Working 24/7
  2. What don't I want to feel?
    • Overwhelmed
    • Exhausted
    • Miserable
    • Stressed
    • Apathetic
  3. What do I want?
    • Growth in team size, reach, clients, profit
    • Healthy cash flow
    • Invoices paid in full, on time
    • Happy team
    • Regular new products/services
    • Media exposure
    • Pay it forward/do good
  4. What do I want to feel?
    • In control
    • Energetic
    • Joyful
    • Relaxed
    • Excited
    • Fulfilled
    • Engaged
    • Prosperous
  5. How do I want others to feel?
    • At least as good as I do, or better

So when you've got the clarity on what you do want, whether in your personal or your professional life, the next step to #ShapingtheOdds in your favour is taking action to make it happen. Some questions to ask are:

  1. Where do I want to be/where do I want my business to be?
  2. What do I need to do to get where I want to be?
  3. What resources do I have available to me right now?
  4. What additional resources do I need?
  5. Who do I know who can help me?
  6. What can I do today to set the wheels in motion (ask every day)

And then all you need to do is execute!

Thanks for reading.
Until next time,

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