Everything you need to know about car sharing

If you live in a big city, you've probably seen cars with Cars2Go, ZipCar or Turo logos driving around. These brands are part of a fast-growing trend that lets you "rent" a shared car whenever you need it. Whether you're going grocery shopping or getting across town for an interview, using a shared car is a unique alternative to owning (and paying for) your own car.

Car sharing is a big win for anyone with an environmental conscience –– just one shared car eliminates the need for up to 20 personal cars, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon monoxide pollution all while reducing traffic! It's even helping to conserve water on a massive scale: one new car requires 40,000 gallons of water during manufacturing! Do the math (1 shared car = 20 personal cars) and we're talking about nearly 800,000 gallons of water saved by just one shared car!

Want to learn more about car sharing in your area or find out if using a shared car is a good fit for your lifestyle? Check out the infographic here!
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