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Data-driven ways fitness can benefit your finances

No matter if you regularly train for marathons or hit the gym a few times a month, you know that working out takes discipline, effort, and the drive to better yourself. Regularly working out and sticking to a fitness plan certainly isn't easy, which makes it that much better when you reach the goals you've laid out for yourself.

Just like sticking to a fitness plan, getting your finances in shape requires discipline, drive, and commitment. Funnily enough, getting physically fit has been shown to have a positive effect on your wallet—no, really! You may be wondering how on earth fitness can benefit your finances, but it makes perfect sense. When you opt for a healthier lifestyle, you're also agreeing to make healthier choices in the long run. While happy hour every couple of weeks after work is totally fine (and even encouraged), spending every Saturday bar-hopping has long-term effects on your body and your finances.

Moving your body more also means better physical health, which can result in less medication and less frequent expensive doctor's visits. This doesn't even have to mean committing to run a triathlon, but could just mean opting to take the stairs over the elevator for a week straight. Considering the average American spends close to $5,000 annually on health-related costs, it's clear getting in shape has benefits for both your health AND wallet.

Learn more about 8 different ways fitness has a positive effect on your finances with the infographic provided by Intuit Mint. Remember that just like getting in shape, getting your finances in order takes time—so don't sweat it if you aren't ripped and rich after a week. Deciding to take the leap is the first step, so the hardest part is over! 

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