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Commuting benefits companies need to offer in 2019

Americans' commutes are getting worse every year and employees are starting to weigh their options. With the high price and stress of long commutes, much of the workforce is willing to take pay-cuts just to avoid an added 20 minutes to their trip home from work.

The focus on a healthier commute is leading to talented workers choosing jobs that allow them flexibility and reimbursements when it comes to their commute and employers need to take notice if they want to retain those high value workers.

That's why The Zebra created this guide to commuter perks that all companies should be incorporating into their benefits packages. From pre-tax reimbursements to work-from-home and telecommute opportunities, the guide below goes over the seven best commuter perks.

Check out the full infographic below: 

As you can see, the toll a long commute can take is not worth it to any hard-working employee and it's up to companies to make up for this added strain. If you are a business owner and you aren't offering these benefits, your time may be running out before you start losing your valued employees to competitors who will offer these commute benefit plans.  

Infographic courtesy of The Zebra

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