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Business lessons from a car salesperson

Sales is not an easy job. No matter your profession, delivering a successful sales pitch is tough and intimidating. Not only do you need to be brimming with confidence, you need to develop your own sales strategy that convinces prospective clients and closes deals.

Developing a methodology takes time, however, and your strategy will look different depending on the industry you're in. For example, pitching your company's multimillion dollar business solution to a Fortune 500 enterprise will not result in a sale over night, whereas selling ice cream to a hungry patron is a split second consumer decision that you can close by merely showing them the flavor they want.

Since sales differ so much by industry and trade, many sales professionals view car salespersons as the true masters of the trade. Car salespersons have earned this reputation due to their adaptability and keen sensibility when it comes to reading a customer's needs and intent upon entering the car lot.

As soon as a prospective client shows interest in a car, it's the salespersons job to finesse the sale — even if that means selling the car days or months later. It's a balancing act: Push too much and you risk losing the customer; push too little and you might lose the sale to another dealership or colleague.

Due to the competitive nature of selling cars, there's a lot other professionals can learn from them. To help you glean and incorporate these tips into your own sales pitch, The Zebra has highlighted six savvy business lessons in the infographic below.

Infographic courtesy of The Zebra

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