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Digitalization allows entrepreneurs to disrupt traditional markets and deliver new services overnight. However, over 85% of new initiatives fail. Success for Amazon, GE, and global entrepreneurs starts with clarity of mission, market and customer needs plus the definition of the business model and market approach to creating value.

For example, Amazon's mission to build a place where people can find anything they might want to buy was the foundation behind their start as online bookseller through growth into the global provider for a vast array of offerings. This is powered by the business model of the consumer (Prime) and business (AWS) services.

By starting with a clear mission, business leaders are best able to identify the market, service and business model that will drive success.

Next Step's Business Success Canvas asks:

  1. ​What will you achieve (the mission)?
  2. What customer needs and markets will be addressed?
  3. What are the customer needs that will be uniquely met?
  4. How will the business make money (Business Model)?
  5. How will customers be engaged (Go to Market Model)?

Launching a new business initiative can be fast – and successful with the clarity of mission, market needs, and business model. No paragraph break Start today to achieve success with your next business initiative using Next Step's Business Success Canvas or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be one of 15% of business leaders who achieve success.  

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