5 ways to improve employee motivation & productivity with e-learning

One of the major reasons why people leave their jobs or feel unsatisfied with their current work position is routine. Doing the same thing every day, even if you're good at it, can kill productivity and leaves the person behind the job feeling stuck.

Another reason behind the work routine is micromanagement. When you don't trust your employees with empowering tasks, you take away from their confidence. In time, this leads to boredom, a no-creativity work environment and finally, low productivity.

So, the best way to make sure your team is happy with their current status is through empowerment. According to a 2005 Pepperdine University study, when employees feel they have the power to make decisions and participate actively in the company's future development, the productivity rate skyrockets.

One way to make sure your people are always on their toes is to make sure they are constantly learning. And the best way to deliver new information nowadays is through e-learning. That's why we're going to discuss how to motivate your employees and increase productivity using e-learning platforms. 

Build a learning plan 

E-learning platforms offer a wide range of options, so anyone can find something interesting. However, to get the best return on investment, specialists recommend creating a customized plan for every department in your organization. Even more, if you truly want remarkable results, you should draw a customized learning plan for each job position.

For instance, someone who is in a management position could learn a lot from a business administration online course. Also, you may want to add some customer communication and organization courses to the mix.

The idea is that each member of your team should take courses that help them become better in their current position. 

Make it fun 

If your definition of learning is equal to reading from a thick instructions manual, then you need to revise it. E-learning platforms understood that people don't learn mechanically. They need to feel the information is challenging and authentic, otherwise, it will become a chore.

So, to make learning fun, platforms introduced gamification elements (keeping score, rewarding students when they reach a certain level, and so on).

But, as the team manager, you shouldn't allow the entire effort to fall on the e-learning platform! Use gamification in everyday life to make time spent at the office fun and open towards learning. Help your people apply what they learn in practice and create an environment that rewards those who actively try to improve their skills based on what they learned.

This way you bring the team closer together and create an area of trust and communication. 

Create simulated scenarios 

Even when you have all the necessary knowledge, it can be scary to apply new tactics and techniques in the place of business. Furthermore, there's a lot at stake when you deal with real-life customers who don't feel comfortable working with trainees.

So, to help your team apply the skills and information acquired, use a simulated environment. Go back to basics and create case studies and branching scenarios to see how they react to different situations. It's true, it may be difficult to get people involved, especially after a hard day at work, but you should win them over by reiterating the benefits of using this safe space to practice.

You can also keep the interactive lessons short (a couple of minutes) and sprinkle them throughout the day. This way you cut the work routine and keep people on their toes.

Progress tracking 

This step is crucial when it comes to increasing motivation because it shows you how much you learned. But the good news is that, with e-learning platforms, each person can follow their own progress.

They won't have to submit stressful reports that add another load to their daily job. The platform does the evaluation and pinpoints any weak areas. This way, everyone can follow their own learning rhythm and understand where there might be a problem.

A fresh approach 

It is possible to get some fight back from employees who are not that open to the idea of learning. In this case, you may want to suggest starting with some courses they would enjoy but are not necessarily related to their day-to-day activities.

This way, if they get a fresh approach to the experience, they may be more interested in getting other classes in the future. E-learning is a fantastic way to open the lines of communication inside the team and get the people involved feel like they are part of something bigger.

Wrap up 

We should all know by now that learning never stops. However, it doesn't have to be boring! If you know how to assimilate new information and improve your skills in a fun and engaging way, you can enjoy the entire process.

Furthermore, it's important that companies keep an open mind towards this aspect. Challenging people and asking them to bring their A game is not productive if you don't also provide the best opportunities to improve themselves! 

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