10 industries crushed by coronavirus


Does your startup website need a chatbot?

To bot or not? That is the question we look at today.A chatbot is a piece of software you install on your website making your site open 24 hours per day for a conversation with your users. You'll find various types of chatbots that provide an escalating variety of responses.Before today, you may have thought chatbots were only for large companies. But, many websites, both small and large, find them a useful tool.In this article, we ask and answer the question, "Does your startup website need a c...
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7 tips to manage freelancers efficiently in a post-covid-19 world

It comes at no surprise that most businesses are shifting to on-demand workforce to optimize costs, survive and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world. Although a contingent workforce existed for many years, very few businesses relied primarily on independent contractors and freelancers. Contract roles were mostly available either to highly skilled management consultants and experts or to seasonal workers. [Read full article on Entrepreneur]

How startups can build a successful culture for remote teams

You probably know how important it is for employee morale and long-term employee retention to build a positive company culture.And, you probably have a wheelhouse full of tools. But, what do you do when it comes to your remote teams?It is possible to enhance your company culture remotely. It simply takes a bit of effort and ingenuity.In this article, we look at how startups can build a successful culture for remote teams.Hire the right teamYour positive company culture starts when you do your du...
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Advice for starting a new job while working from home

Why your startup needs a VPN

You did all the legwork to get your startup off the ground.You've got people taking care of your human resources, someone handling your sales and marketing, and other staff members on board.Have you forgotten your IT needs? Are you capable of connecting your team members together in a safe digital environment?Once thought to be only in the purview of big companies, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best way for your startup to bring your team and your customers together under a secure umb...
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Can safety app citizen tell you when and where you were exposed to coronavirus?

Andrew Frame launched Citizen in 2017, merging 911-dispatch data and your smartphone's GPS location to alert you about nearby dangers—fires, robberies, car crashes, assaults. Now he's betting Citizen's mobile technology, location capabilities and network of millions of users can warn you about possible Covid-19 exposure. "We're all at war. Right now, the only weapon we have is staying home," says Frame, 40, in an interview over Zoom. "The question is, are there better ones we can use in this war...
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What startups should know about crafting a privacy policy

Have you asked yourself lately if you really need a privacy policy on your website?As a startup, you should note that in our digital age, you do need a privacy policy on your website.It can be confusing, and sometimes the privacy policy is easily forgotten, but if you want to protect your business, it is something you need. And, if you plan to use Google or Facebook advertising, you must have one on your startup's website.In this article, we look at what startups should know about crafting a pri...
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To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others

How to be productive when working from home

Working from home comes with its fair share of distractions and can be difficult to adjust to. With the current pandemic forcing millions of people to stay home, it may be even more difficult to look after your family while trying to manage your workload. However, a successful work-life integration is possible with a few tips.[Read full article on Forbes] 

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