Data-driven ways fitness can benefit your finances

No matter if you regularly train for marathons or hit the gym a few times a month, you know that working out takes discipline, effort, and the drive to better yourself. Regularly working out and sticking to a fitness plan certainly isn't easy, which makes it that much better when you reach the goals you've laid out for yourself. Just like sticking to a fitness plan, getting your finances in shape requires discipline, drive, and commitment. Funnily enough, getting physically fit has been shown to...

Why your startup isn’t too small to develop HR policies and processes

If you think your new business is too small for a human resources (HR) department, think again. Many new startups think they're too small for HR to matter, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You might think you can handle issues as they arise, but this leaves you open to conflict and even legal trouble. As a new startup, it's best practice to set get HR onboard in the beginning. In this article, we look at why your startup isn't too small to develop HR policies and processes from the s...

5 tips to help you determine the value of your startup

When it comes time for startup valuation, you may wonder just how you can work out the value of your startup. The methods are important because you may not have a huge revenue stream which makes valuation a bit harder. In this article, we look at five tips to help you determine the value of your startup. After all, you want to earn this highest valuation from your investors, instead of being undervalued.   #1: Talk to your accountant, lawyer, and investors Yes, you are most often worth what...

5 reasons why bad hires are so costly to startups

When it comes to staffing your startup, the price is high. In fact, your hiring decisions are vital to the success and upward trajectory of your startup. In this article, we look at five reasons why bad hires are so costly to startups. From the actual cost, to your time, your reputation, lost opportunities, and the culture impact, you can't afford to mis-hire. #1: The cost The straight up costs with putting your job on job boards, culling through applications, interviewing candidates, calling re...

Why hiring veterans is a great idea for startups

To defend our country, military service members have some unique qualities that translate well into the general job market when their service is complete. Active duty military are most often the hardest workers in the room. They are also usually motivated and exceptionally ethical. As a startup, these are just the kind of employees you want to recruit . Let's dive into this and look at why hiring veterans is a great idea for startups. They are natural leaders The military trains their people wel...

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