Pros and cons of investing in SEO

Before we dive in to the pros and cons of investing in SEO, let's firmly define it. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. While the term, SEO, can leave many startups confused, it's simply how you get free and organic traffic to your website . Breaking it down even further, consider this example. Your potential customer goes to Google and enters a term in the search bar that has something to do with your business. If you show up on the search engine results page near the top or ...

Why your startup needs a board

One of the best investments a startup can make early on is the selection of a board. Some people incorrectly assume that a board is only created at the point when you get investors, but every business of any size can benefit of having a group of people who provide advice and help the company succeed. Recently, I participated in a ScaleUp Academy session organized by CEO World with Christoph Ortlepp from Earlybird Venture Capital . In this intimate real-time face-to-face, Ortlepp stressed the imp...

Digital business: imperative not an option for customer success

How to get started now In 2015, IDC predicted that within three years the top 30% of companies in all industries would be seriously challenged by an innovative competitor.Today, only two years later, this seems conservative as Tesla, Uber, and others overtake the automotive industry, Amazon dominates retail globally and born-digital startups penetrate all traditional markets. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to implement a digital strategy but when and how to do so. With t...

Pros and cons of doing a trade show for your product

It's product launch time for your startup, and it's time to do some marketing. With so many options and avenues available to you, we take a look at one traditional form of marketing – the trade show. The Pros You'll find that the biggest advantage of the trade show is the increased exposure for your startup. This is your chance to get noticed. Trade shows are a great place to increase your brand awareness and get your product in front of more eyeballs. Consider participating in a class, hosting ...

Transform for success in digital future

By 2020, half of the current Global 100 companies will be marginalized by new or more nimble competitors according to IDC. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to transform their business to succeed in the digital world but how to adapt, develop new revenue streams and delight global customers. For companies with large customer, employee, and revenue bases, changing the business model, organizational structures and processes can be daunting. However, now is the best time to ge...

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