Entrepreneurship: Learned or built through experience

Entrepreneurship is everywhere! Traditional business executives fearing disruption or even extinction, need to innovate, transform and become entrepreneurial. Many attend seminars and courses to 'learn innovation', while others seek to hire graduates of 'entrepreneurship programs'. While these approaches can provide new ideas, real entrepreneurism and innovation are not taught but are learned by practice. "Silicon Valley Style" entrepreneurs take risks, passionately solve real problems and gain ...

How to plan a successful product launch

​ How to plan a successful product launch You're getting your new product ready for launch. Not only is your staff excited, but you can't wait to show your new product to the world. Yet, for many startups, all the work goes into creating and developing the product and not in the launch. To help you get ready, let's look at how to plan a successful product launch so your new product takes off with momentum and fanfare. Pre-Launch to Influencers Your first step is to take your product to the influ...

Tips for hiring and working with a PR agency

To help shape the odds in your favour you need to do PR. If you want to hire an agency, how do you choose the right one? Hiring a PR firm can be a daunting prospect and not finding the right PR representation can be costly. PR is a powerful tool. You have to 'touch' potential customers repeatedly – some say as many as seven times – before they'll buy. PR is a great way to do that by reaching your audience via the media they consume and the best PR is hardly noticeable, although we're surrounded ...

Should your company invest resources into Twitter?

  Social media is pervasive in our digital world. It's enhanced the way businesses can connect with their current and target customers. What's more, businesses now have an easy platform where they can educate, entertain, and build relationships with their customers. Yet, with the plethora of social media platforms available today, it can be a conundrum for startups to decide where to invest their efforts. In this article, we ask the question, "Should your company invest resources in Twitter...

The importance of avoiding bad PR

PR is all about managing reputations and there's nothing quite like some good PR to help shape the odds in your favour. Many individuals and companies know that. Bill Gates says he'd spend his last dollar on PR, and Sir Richard Branson believes a good PR story is more effective than a front-page ad. PR is powerful and it permeates all aspects of our lives and influences our purchasing habits, lifestyle choices and political decisions. PR has the potential to build up or tear down a business or l...

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