The importance of shaping your content from passive to active

To help shape the odds in your favour you need to use the right language in all your dealings. Today, if content is King, how you express that content can mean the difference between content that grabs attention and content that turns an audience off. To ensure your content cuts the mustard, mind your tone and your voice, by using active rather than passive language. According to the Oxford Dictionary explanation of 'passive versus active verbs', passive verbs – including 'is', 'are', 'was', 'we...

If you can’t beat them, join them

With large customer bases, heavy investment in technology such as machine learning, the "Big Four" global technology companies are growing rapidly. A key strategy for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft has been acquisition – of small innovative companies in similar or adjacent industries or traditional companies (such as Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods). The question many smaller tech companies, as well as non-digital enterprises, are asking today is "How Can We Protect Ourselves from the Giants". F...

Productivity tools for busy CEOs

  Is productivity rising or falling in our culture as a whole? It turns out it depends on who you ask. What we can say for certain is that in our digital age and with distractions at every turn, it can be hard to stay on task. We've look at productivity hacks in a previous post, and in this article, we're going to look at specific tools to help you be a more productive leader. If you're looking for productivity tools for busy CEOs, look no further than these apps, start using them and find ...

The bet that shaped the odds in Switzerland’s favor

This is the story of a Swiss hotelier who shaped the odds in his favor thanks to a bet that turned a seasonal resort into a year-round experience. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Johannes Badrutt, a man who managed to market his business in a revolutionary way and made a huge impact in his country, the tourism industry, and the winter sports. St. Moritz is a high Alpine Swiss resort in Engadine with a breathtaking scenery and vibrant atmosphere that is considered Switzerland's original winter...

3 ways startups can add video content into their marketing strategies

  As a startup, you'll find video content is a powerful part of your marketing strategy, allowing you to project your brand to more people than ever before. Let's look at three ways startups can add video content into their marketing strategies. #1: Know your purpose The first thing you want to uncover when creating a video content strategy is your purpose and your audience. Before diving into your plan, make a list of what separates your brand from the competition. What sets you apart and ...

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