The benefits of offering employees continuing education

As a small business, you know that the process of finding the right team members is costly and time consuming. Job postings, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding add up quickly.In addition, you know that keeping your employees around is vital to the survival of your startup because going through the hiring process over and over zaps your budget and your energy.One way to boost both your business and employee morale is with learning opportunities. In this article, we look at the benefi...

Onboarding best practices for startups

Did you know that more than 30% of new hires quit a job within the first six months?This is a pretty staggering number considering that you run a startup. The hiring budget is tight, and you've spent a lot of time hiring the best available talent. The last thing you want is to lose them.So, how do you increase your chances of keeping the top talent you hired? The answer is onboarding.What is onboarding?For many business owners it means giving new employees a tour of the facilities, showing them ...

How startups can maximize their recruiting budgets

As a new company in the early stages, you may not have an excess budget for recruiting and hiring employees.Yet, like any other company, you want the best talent. So, how do you compete for the most competent new hires without a big budget?Let's look at how startups can maximize their recruiting budgets so they can compete with established, larger companies.Focus on the webIt's a given that before anyone submits a resume to work for your startup, they've done a bit of internet research.They can ...

Taking action to get future ready now

Global executives gained inspiration to Get Future Ready Now during the Executive Growth Alliance Summit.   Future-readiness means having the confidence, peers support, collaborating partners and commitment to:Explore new ideasTake Action and drive changeEmpower others to explore, learn, fail and innovateListen openly to customers, employees, partnersTake risksSeek and embrace diversityRapid advances in technology, changing customer buying patterns, increasing global competition and politic...

Why you should care about what current and past employees are saying about your company online

When looking for new employees, you want to set your company up for success. This may mean several things for your business when crafting your job posting ads.It turns out that according to Career Builder nearly 75% of job seekers begin their search online. What does this mean for your hiring potential? It means you want a clean, respectable online reputation.What's being said about your business online is vital not only to your revenue stream but to your well-being as an appropriately staffed b...

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