7 business lessons from famous entrepreneurial families

Many challenges come with starting a new business and advice from experienced entrepreneurs is always a great tool to help stay motivated. From small shops starting out to industry giants, there is always something new to learn from the trials and tribulations businesses face, especially when working with family! Business icons such as Ralph Lauren and Sam Walton are just a few of the driven leaders of powerful families Fundera featured on their recent infographic highlighting business lessons f...

Checklist for finding a business services company

Hiring staff to take care of your IT, human resources, and accounting may not be feasible for your startup. This is why it's very beneficial for startups to hire a business service company. If you're currently in the market for an outsourced team, take a look at this checklist for finding a business services company which will work well for your needs. Know your need Before finding the right fit, you first need to know what your needs are. Make a list of the tasks you need help with. Create a pr...

Success in changing world

Climate change, political unrest, and corporate disruption are today's reality. Those who may have doubted that change was necessary now recognize that evolution is required for survival. The question is now HOW to change. Business transformation for future success requires: ​ Executive commitment to change for future relevance and value to customers Deep understanding of customer's future needs, directions, and challenges Collaboration with eco-system partners or value network to maximize the v...

Why you are big enough to outsource

As the owner of a startup, your time is at a premium. You know that everything takes a lot of time, and when you're rushing from one task to another, some things might fall through the cracks. This is where outsourcing comes in. While you spend quality time building your business, you let others do the support work. We run into many young startups who don't think they are large enough or established enough to outsource. In this article, we'll take a look at why you are big enough to outsource ev...

31 tips for using gig economy to get ahead your competition

People working as a freelancer is not a new thing. Contractual workers have been around for a long time. They get paid for their output, not by the hours. They get payment for their work, but there's no benefit. This labor model isn't a modern concept, but it is slowly but surely taking over full-time jobs. This is called gig economy. The emergence of the term gig economy was a response to the burgeoning demand for more freelance workers than regular employees. So while working as a contractor f...

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