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Author and motivator to global leaders and entrepreneurs, Rahfeal Gordon shares his story and top tips

Shapingtheodds recently met with Rahfeal Gordon in Oslo. From being homeless on the streets of New Jersey - USA to advising and motivating world leaders and global entrepreneurs, Rahfeal’s story is truly inspirational and he’s a perfect example of #shapingtheodds. In this article Rahfeal shares his amazing story and top tips for entrepreneurs.1. Please tell us where you are now in your life/career and how you got there.I've come a long way from the hardships of being homeless in the streets of N...

The impact of ICT on organizations

Technology is involved in all aspects of our life, but what is the impact of new technologies on business organizations? The Internet has undoubtedly become one of the best ways of selling and reaching consumers nowadays.The concept of the value chain from Porter has been one of the most highly diffused business management models over the last few years. However, in the network economy, the new economy and the Information Society, this business model has changed drastically due to ICT’s extensiv...

Top tips for SEM advertising campaign

Caption: Search Engine Marketing. Photo: Yayimages It’s a good idea to have a search engine marketing (SEM) advertising campaign to get the most from your online business, attract and generate quality traffic, achieve your goals, and remain high in search engine rankings.Here are some top tips to get you started with SEM advertising campaigns: Define your objective: Think what you want to achieve with your ads and define your goals. You need to identify what you will measure, clicks, sales ...

What you need to know about SEO

 Caption: Search Engine Optimization. Photo: YayimagesThere’s a lot of smoke and mirrors surrounding SEO with many companies paying specialist SEO agencies and still not really understanding what it’s all about, so we’ve taken a look at the art of SEO and we’ve picked out the most important points for you and your business.SEO is a marketing discipline focused on gaining visibility on search engines. Although social media and other types of traffic can generate visits to your site, most of ...

Benefits of having a business app

Caption: Business app. Photo: Yayimages The use of apps is markedly increasing. While 87% of users use mobile apps only 13% use browsers. People no longer stand up to turn on the computer to make a consultation, instead they do it through their smartphones. There are plenty of reasons to develop a business app. Below are some of the advantages of including one in your company.  Customer commitmentOne way to interact with customers in real time is through a mobile app. Any important not...

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