What is the entrepreneur’s definition of success?

While soaring profits may seem an obvious sign of success to others, Spanish entrepreneurs tend to value personal achievements and their contribution to society as a more important measure of their success, according to expansion.com.  The MIT Technology Review study published by Opinno shows that for Spanish entrepreneurs the five key aspects that define success are self-fulfilment, purpose, innovation, excellence and financial benefits.  For entrepreneurs aged the 20 to 40, self...

Intel invests in 13-year-old schoolboy’s startup

A 13-year-old schoolboy is reportedly the world’s youngest tech entrepreneur to receive venture capital funding thanks to investment from tech giant Intel, reports The Associated Press.Shubham Banerjee is the founder of Silicon Valley start-up, Braigo Labs Inc., which is developing a compact and economical alternative to the bulky and expensive braille printers currently on the market. He is aiming to reduce the current price tag from around USD 2,000 to just USD 350, and wants to mass-prod...

Tools to help remote teams work better together

While there are challenges to working remotely, especially when team members are spread across the globe, there are also numerous tools that can contribute to more effective collaboration.  From apps to track which time-zone team members are working in and various platforms for individual and team communications, through to fully integrated project management and cloud-based development environments, team members can work collaboratively and feel connected and engaged wherever they are in t...

The six things your employees want

Happy employees equal a happy workplace and improved productivity. According to a Tinyhr report, there are six things most employees wish for in the workplace. Top of the list are more effective communication from managers and improved empathy skills among supervisors.Using the survey as a springboard, an article from entrepreneur.com article advises incorporating the following into your workplace:    1. Open communicationAccording to Raphael Crawford-Marks, Co-Founder and CE...

Governments can help. Interview with Peter Thorner – Head of the Norwegian Mobile Association

Governments can help to shape the odds of their country in many ways. One way is by supporting entrepreneurs and industry. There are great examples of some countries getting it right. An inspiration for many is Israel, a country which in view of its size has more NASDAQ companies than any other country. So, what exactly differentiates healthy government support from lacking, and what can be done to improve the situation?Shaping The Odds spoke to Swedish born Peter Thornér – head of the Norwegian...

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