Advantages and disadvantages of the employee vs. contractor question

 Many startups choose to hire independent contractors instead of employees for certain jobs. Though this has always been the case for startups and small businesses, a recent trend of larger companies more aggressively hiring contractors has sprung up. This is especially true for companies who tend to have off-site staff.There are many advantages to hiring independent contractors as part of your staff. Two common advantages are flexibility and to close a skills gap. Some recent research from...

Japan looks to entrepreneurs to boost the economy

Japan looks to entrepreneurs. Photo: Yayimages As the recent introduction of negative interest rates sparks debate – the Japanese government is looking to give entrepreneurship a boost in a bid to revive the country’s flagging economy.Entrepreneurship and innovation created industry leaders - such as Sony, Toyota, and others - that had a huge impact on the technology boom of the 1980s.  And, having achieved a comfortable lifestyle, most young people in Japan aspired to a “safe” job in ...

Thorny HR compliance concerns for startups: Hiring, pay and benefits, oh my

 The last several years has seen a surge in innovation and venture funding for startups. In 2014 a whopping $48.3 billion has poured into US startups. This swell is mostly due to investors who realize the power of technology to disrupt and replace older industries. While these are positive developments, new concerns for exist for those running startups and small businesses.While it may seem like a startup might not need an HR department, forgoing particular HR tasks can frequently lead to m...

The importance of logos

Logo. Photo: yayimages A corporate identity comprises different elements, ranging from a corporate colour scheme and, the images used in advertising to its decor and staff uniforms. However, within this framework there is one element that stands out: The logo.A well-designed logo must fulfil three essential conditions: it has to be appropriate, aesthetically pleasing and it must reflect the company’s credibility. The logo has an important and crucial mission: to transmit a simple yet powerf...

Audit ready? Five steps to avoiding IRS nightmares

 On average, 1% of all taxpayers or over 1 million Americans will face an audit. The more income you earn, the higher your likelihood of receiving that unwanted inquiry from the IRS.So what are the odds of hearing from the IRS? Individuals making between $200,000 and $1,000,000 have a 3.2% chance of being audited. Compare this with the 17.2% audit rate of those who rake in over $10,000,000 per year.While the thought of having the IRS storm your castle may send shivers do...

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