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Should your startup consider a shorter working week?

A business in New Zealand experimented by offering their employees a 32-hour work week while paying them for 40 hours.The results? Happier employees and increased productivity.In fact, the experiment worked so well the company found their staff to be on time, have better attendance, take less breaks, and produce at the same level as they did with their five-day work week.While this same experiment has been repeated in countries all over the world, it may leave you wondering if your startup shoul...

Infographic: which business type suits your startup?

From LLC to C corp to cooperative and beyond, there are myriad business structures available to you when making your startup official. To help make the decision easier, we've created a simple infographic with the basics of each business type.   Courtesy of Escalon Services

5 marketing mistakes small businesses must avoid

The world of marketing is evolving, and it's a continuing challenge to ensure that your business gets the exposure it needs to thrive. Check out five marketing mistakes that you should avoid if you are looking to get the word out about your firm.   1. Counting on your marketer to solve all your problemsYou may have brought on the best marketing professional in town to handle your needs, but that person can't overcome fundamental issues if you have them. Poor products or services, a bad repu...

How a great careers page can improve a startup's recruiting efforts

Your startup has huge potential, and that's not only for your business. It's also for the team members you hire.New team members can experience growing a company from the ground up, they can help you build a terrific company culture, and there's often a lot of room for growth.Yet, hiring can be one of the most difficult parts of running a startup. So, what's a startup owner to do? One of the first things in your hiring process is to turn to your website.In this article, we look at how a great ca...

5 disadvantages of seeking venture capital

As a new or young company, seeking to fund your startup, it seems pretty straightforward that venture capital would be a good option.Yet, while there are many advantages to it, we're going to look at five disadvantages of seeking venture capital, and why it might not be right for your business. #1: You may lose controlBefore you get venture capital, you (and your partners) have total control of your startup. After you get funding, you transfer part of your control to your investors.This mea...

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