What digital can’t do: be human

Today's digital world gives access to a broad range of services and products all through a simple command to a smartphone, watch or appliance. In addition, for businesses, digital technologies also streamline operations, increase the productivity of global resources and increase profitability. The downside of digital transformation is often employment uncertainty. Studies by Forrester, MIT and others show that 20-35% of today's jobs will be eliminated by automation and technological innovation w...

How to craft an elevator speech for investors

Whether you're in a meeting, or you meet a potential investor at a dinner party, you'll be better off if you have a prepared elevator speech for your startup. This helps you say what you really need to say without having to think about it or even worse, leaving something out. Let's look at how to craft an elevator speech for investors . What is an Elevator Speech? Sometimes called an elevator pitch, this speech is a short overview of your business, products, and services. You may use it in busin...

Do you lead through inspiration and empowerment of your employees, teams and suppliers?

​ By 2020, half of the current Global 100 companies will be marginalized by new or more nimble competitors according to IDC. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to transform their business to succeed in the digital world but how to adapt, develop new revenue streams and delight global customers. For companies with large customer, employee and revenue bases, changing the business model, organizational structures and processes can be daunting. However, now is the best time to g...

Brand messaging mistakes to avoid

Every brand needs a voice, especially startups. The messaging you provide your audience is what helps your target audience understand your value and why you're useful. Your messaging tells the potential customer why they should do business with you. Your brand's promise must be clear, it must tell a story, and it must be convincing. Brand messaging for your startup should convey your value proposition and help your customers relate to your products or services. Your brand messaging should inspir...

Should startups invest in native advertising?

Before we start to answer this question, you might be wondering about the term, native advertising. Just what does this mean? Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. In other words, the ad looks just like the content around it. So, if you use native advertising on your website or someone else's, it wouldn't look like an ad. Native advertising is the new buzzword, and in this article, we...

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