Improve productivity with the multi-generational workforce

  The top concern of global CEOs today? Workforce productivity ie gaining more revenue (profitably) through the same or fewer employees*. The best way to achieve this is through leveraging the skills and capabilities of each generation of employees in the workforce. This requires engaging the latest generation of ‘Millennials’ — often perceived to demand different management approaches including recognition, challenge and coaching. As  Next Step clients  have experienced, this doe...

Employer Branding

Photo: Yayimages   Every good company needs a great team. But how can you attract and retain the best talent? Fundamentally, you need to offer compelling reasons why people should join your business by building a solid company with strong values and a strong personality to differentiate you from the competition. Committed and content employees are less likely to think your competitors’ grass is greener and they’ll be loyal and want to stay with you, which in the long term, saves money and t...

Marketing on a tight budget

We recently wrote about how mobile rules transparency and branding . But what else can those responsible for a brand, especially a startup brand, do to remain visible on a tight budget? No matter how much time and money you spend on marketing, if your product or service doesn’t cut the mustard, your efforts will be in vain. So, the most important marketing effort must be focused on making your product or service exceptional so it provides real, unique value to your end users. A vital component i...

How to seize sales

Caption: Seizing sales. Photo: Yayimages Would you like more sales? If so, make sure you’re following these three steps! Make the most of asking for referrals Existing clients can be a great source of referrals, so make it easy for them by explaining what’s in it for the prospect. Ask your client to tell the prospect adding that you’ll be in touch. Don’t expect the prospect to contact you. Use testimonials to sell Any salesperson can extol the virtues of what they’re selling. But a testimonial f...

Innovative success: Role of fundping, revenue, time to market

  A Norwegian to US Comparative Successful global growth of ICT, Medtech, green tech/sustainability and consumer product innovations (as a result of great creative minds, research, academia and public support) can be the future for the Norwegian economy. However, sustainable growthrequires more than a product idea. It demands skillful commercialization to drive customer adoption and revenue generation. Funding ultimately comes from profitability but during the ‘startup period’, investment i...

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