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What VCs look for before deciding to invest in your startup

Venture capitalists (VC) are often integral to the success of a startup. Today we are looking into what VCs look for before deciding to invest in your company.By discussing these specific things, you’ll be better able to provide the venture capitalist with the material and information he or she needs to make the decision on whether or not to invest in your startup.The TeamYes, venture capitalists want to partner with startups that have a large market and will turn a profit, but in the beginning ...

Flexible worker model

“The Age of the New Worker Model: How to Safely Navigate Legal Obstacles and Reach Your Goal of Flexibility and Scalability”Workers and businesses alike favor flexibility and independence.  Work only when you want and how much you want; work hard and play hard.  Businesses want to hire based on immediate need with coverage around  the clock – scalability is key.  The rise of the new worker model is hampered by dated laws that fail to recognize and adopt to the new model. &nbs...

What you need to know before you seek funding for your startup

As a startup founder, funding is probably the top concern keeping you up at night. The questions running through your mind:How will I get funding?Who will I ask?How much do I need?Will it be enough?Let’s talk about what you need to know before you seek funding for your startup.Whose Money?One of the first questions to ask yourself is whose money will you use.Will you use your own nest egg to fund your startup, or will you go the route of debt financing? In other words, will you take out loans an...

Addressing today’s customers’ buying patterns

With the wide-spread growth of tools for customer behavior tracking and engagement, many buyers have become accustomed to ‘offers’ and opportunities to expand, enhance or replace solutions even before they realize they have needs! For companies providing ‘as a service’ solutions, the traditional sales process has evolved to a ‘customer engagement and behavior response’ process through which needs are anticipated and addressed – often without involvement of a ‘sales person’.Buyers have become mor...

Crafting the perfect pitch

As entrepreneurs and business leaders we have to deliver all manner of presentations and pitches. The biggie is often considered to be the pitch to investors. One way we can really help to shape the odds in our favour is by working with a professional pitch coach to make sure we’re pitch perfect, and not pitch pointless, when we take the stage.There are tons of professional pitch coaches out there and it’s important to pick one you feel safe and comfortable with because they’ll really push you o...

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