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The top reasons startups fail

No one wants to start a business only to watch it fail. Yet, many startups fail in the first years of their existence.Grand ideas propel startups in the beginning, only to be met with failure later on. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common problem.In this article, we look at the top reasons startups fail. We’ve found the reasons are quite similar across the spectrum of startups, and we present them here in an effort to help you avoid the common mistakes that have cost startups over and over agai...

The next generation in channel partnership

The race to the cloud is revolutionizing sales channels for product vendors, and now organizations and their channel partners must adapt to thrive in the changing marketplace.It is critical to define and execute a forward-thinking channel strategy. This includes determining which of your channel partners will become strategic partners and which will become integration partners. Integration partners provide technologies to complement and enhance your offerings, whereas strategic partners collabor...

Why content marketing is so important for startups

The Content Marketing Institute tells us that content marketing is the strategic approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.The purpose? To drive profitable customer action.In its simplest form, content marketing is how you communicate with your current and potential customers without selling to them.Yes, that’s right. There is no selling going on here. It’s non-interruption marketing...

Tips for setting employee expectations

Actively engaged employees and teams are the backbone of successful companies. In order to build and maintain a productive workforce, a company needs loyal employees who are fully engaged by their work and role in the company. As the lure of other opportunities increases, retaining excellent employees is increasingly difficult. Below are a few concepts to keep in mind when attempting to improve the productivity of your workforce by clearly communicating your expectations for your employees: Shar...

Common misconceptions about product innovation

You’ve got a great idea for launching a new product or service. Perhaps you’ve started laying the groundwork.But, if you are like many entrepreneurs, the process involved with creating and then launching that new product or service is often overwhelming and frightening.Or, perhaps you are overconfident and believe your new product or service can stand on its own, and everyone will want it.Both scenarios are difficult for the fledgling entrepreneur.The process of product innovation can either be ...

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