What is FP&A and why you should care

As a startup, you may not be ready to implement an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution to use in financial planning and analysis (FP&A). But tweaking your plans, budgets, and forecasts to accurately and strategically plan your finances, is crucial in dynamic business environments.About 73% of finance practitioners simply use Excel for most of their work, despite the availability of FP&A software. Findings from the gtnews FP&A Technology Survey, sponsored by Wdesk, f...

Why progress is the sweetest thing

“Hey, I can’t believe how far we’ve moved from where we were this morning. That’s really satisfying. I’m so happy.” No, I am not talking about a road-trip. I am talking about what we are trying to achieve at work.Many leaders are concerned about how to motivate their employees. They know that engaged workers produce better results, are more creative, and care more for their work. However, just exactly which factors actually motivate and engage their teams has long been debated.One of our favorit...

Build trust in your team

Photo: BrainWellsLately, we’ve seen a growing trend from modern and ambitious leaders who make a conscious effort to involve their staff by various means.One of the more popular methods involves talking individually to as many coworkers as possible. To do this in an effective manner, some have adapted techniques traditionally known from a more romantic context – speed dating.Nothing wrong with this. In fact, we highly applaud new methods and techniques that make leadership more involving, effect...

Growth: it’s unique, it’s complex, but it’s predictable and it needs cash

In order to help shape the odds in their favor, many people choose to study. The surge of MBAs around the world is testimony that and the number of educational establishments that specialize in teaching entrepreneurship and MBAs has also grown.Babson College in Boston, US, is one such establishment with about 2,200 undergrads, 800 graduates and many who pass through the exec programs. The entrepreneurial department at Babson is the largest on the campus and today boasts a 70-strong team, wi...

How to be a servant entrepreneur

This past week, I had an inspiring call with a friend who had returned home from a two-week meditation retreat. We are both entrepreneurs, so of course there were moments in the conversation that we discuss the importance of enhancing ourselves so that we could enhance those we service through our businesses. After he shared what his daily routine was like during the retreat, I kept hearing the word "servant" in my head. I began telling him why it's important that, as leaders, we should invest i...

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