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Taking the Next Step to Silicon Valley

The need for individuals who can bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and its entrepreneurial ecosystem success and the rest of the world is ever growing. Such people are highly prized for their knowledge and hands-on experience, which puts them in a valuable and enviable position. These wise ones are sought out to help shape the odds in the favor of the many startups and entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in the Bay Area, or indeed anywhere else.One such individual is Jennifer Vessels, #Shapi...

How to successfully scale a startup

So, you’ve launched your startup, and you’ve heard it’s time to scale up. What exactly does scale up mean?Your ability to increase your revenue (while keeping costs low) is what investors mean when they tell you it’s time to scale up. It means you can adapt to an increased workload without compromising quality, performance or revenue.In its simplest terms, scalability is your startups ability to grow. Because your ability to scale up is so important, we’re going to look at how to successfully sc...

Making the most of your time

If you are like most people, you struggle to find enough time to complete everything on your daily or weekly to-do list. In recent years, the entire working environment seems to have sped up. But someone forgot to add more hours to the day as they added all of the additional responsibilities you have taken on. In today’s streamlined, fast-moving workplace, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every day. And getting control of your time is possible.Time management is difficult, and i...

How a new startup can begin to build credit

As a startup, you are most likely concentrating your financial efforts on obtaining venture capital.At the same time, we bet you are spending some of your own money.This is why it’s so important to build your business credit from the very beginning of your startup. It’s much easier to build your credit than it is to repair it once it’s gone south.As a new startup, you might find the world of financial lending an unfriendly place. Perhaps you’ve been told they will only lend you money once you’ve...

How to make meetings masterful

A quick show of hands: Who hates meetings?So that would be most of you, right? It's not surprising. Workers across this country are gripped with soul-deadening angst as they shuffle down hallways to attend weekly reviews of "housekeeping issues." Years of our lives are slipping away in stuffy, overcrowded conference rooms, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Meetings can bring down morale and blow holes in the productivity of a workday. Pitifully few constructive ideas come out of th...

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