6 Great productivity hacks for startup CEOs

 How would you like to transform your day and ultimately your work week? Do you lay awake at night wondering how you’ll ever get it all done?Worry no more. We’ve got great productivity hacks for startup CEOs. After hours of research and culling the web and CEOs, we’ve pulled together some hacks that just might leave you wondering what you’ll do with your extra time.Hack #1: Clear One DaySet aside one day each week and keep your schedule completely clear. That means no meetings whatsoever.Yo...

What business owners need to know about paying quarterlies

 Most everyone finds calculating and paying taxes on a yearly basis to be a stressful and confusing exercise. As if startup founders didn’t have enough on their plate, paying estimated quarterly taxes is just a headache. This quarterly obligation is designed to tax business income not subject to withholdings. So this would include most startups.So how do you estimate what you should pay? Since hefty penalties are assessed for late and/or incorrect payments, it’s crucial to know when and how...

Turning thought into action

 People often say that our thoughts become things and that our mind is literally one of the most powerful tools and resources, which we have available. And once we understand how to access its power, it”s from that point on that we truly begin living.Take a moment to think about that.You’ve just got to look around you to see how so many of the things we take for granted, started from an idea. A thought. One that was born out of the mind of an individual or collective minds of a group, and r...

How to build effective work teams?

 Having successful teams in your organization is a valuable asset, but what are some challenges that you can run into?Personal agendas being priorityFor most of our life we are conditioned to do things by ourselves, such as passing exams, finding a college, finding a job, and securing a promotion, to name just a few. We therefore get used to pursuing our personal agenda. To get results in a team you need to create conditions where success or failure depends on the team as a whole. If only o...

Building your company - Then this is urgent

 When everything you do feels urgent, it’s important to know what to do.It does not matter if you are working on an idea, a product or a service, or if you run a big or a small company, either way you really need to have a clear understanding on what’s important, and what’s urgent.The IMPORTANT things are those that make you, your idea, and your team stronger and bring you forward in the long run. The URGENT matters are the day-to-day tasks that absolutely need to be done, but oft...

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